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For my daughter, there were many highlights of Year 6 – from the school residential to the leavers’ play right through to receiving a trophy at the leavers’ assembly. But one of the biggest highlights had to be being a prefect and spending time with the very smallest children in school. It turns out my daughter is very good with little children.

Every prefect had responsibility for a class to help them line up properly after break time and lunch time. They had the same class for a term, before moving on to another class. My daughter had responsibility for a Reception class and a Year 2 class. And the little children adored her, as little kids always do adore bigger kids. But, unlike most bigger kids, my daughter adored them too and was happy to have their attention. The teachers in the infants noticed and praised her for how good she was with the little children.

Even though she ended her time at the school with a term ‘looking after’ Year 5, she stayed in touch with the little ones.The small children always called her name and waved to her as we left school and she always had a wave and a big smile for them. She was happy to chat to a Year 2 girl we bumped into in town one day. She got super-cute signatures from her favourite little ones in her autograph book when she left school.

On the last week of term, some of the little ones begged my daughter’s friend to watch them do gymnastics. Her friend did a typical Year 6 ‘Er – yeah, in a few minutes’, with absolutely no intention whatsoever of watching them. She wasn’t being nasty, she was just being a Year 6. Because that’s what Year 6s do. And Year 5s and Year 4s. Because when you’re at school, hanging out with little kids, or even kids a year younger, just isn’t cool.

But my daughter kept an eye the girls. They were doing their gymnastics and kept glancing over at her friend, waiting for her to watch them. So my daughter did something very un-Year 6, but very my daughter. She went over to them and said: ‘I’ll watch your gymnastics’. Because, as she said to me, she’d rather miss a few minutes with her own friends (even in her very last week in school with them), than think of the little children being unhappy.

She’s a clever girl, with so many reasons to make me proud, but her caring nature makes me more proud than anything. She really is good with little children.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Above anything, it think a caring nature/kindness is something to be proud of and not taken for granted. It will take her far in life. There’s isn’t enough kindness around these days.

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    • Thanks very much, I think so too! She has such a kind heart. The other day something distressing happened to my younger son and while my eldest laughed, my daughter cried, because it upsets her to see people she cares about upset.

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  2. Aww that’s lovely! You must be very proud of her. Libby has quite a few friends that are a lot older than her and was very upset when the year 6’s left school. It sounds like they must do a similar thing to your school, I think it’s lovely when the older and younger children mix.

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    • Thanks very much, I’m very proud! The older kids and younger kids at our school don’t tend to mix as it’s such a big school. There’s no buddy system, for example, so I think it makes it extra special that my daughter has made the effort.
      Quite a few of the younger kids cried in the leavers’ assembly at our school – I think it’s just the sight of other kids crying for most of them! x

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  3. Aw how lovely. Cheeky Chap’s teacher told me he was one of the most considerate and caring children in his class and that made me far more proud than his good school work.

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    • What a lovely thing to hear! It really does make you very proud, doesn’t it?

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  4. Aw that is so lovely, it is true that being kind and considerate towards others is such a good quality

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    • Thanks, it really is! There’s not enough kindness around these days.

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  5. Oh that brought a little tear to my eye. I know the other girl was just being her age but with so much horrible stuff in the world it is always good to hear of someone being just so kind and thoughtful.

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    • Thanks very much! My daughter has such a kind heart and I hope she never changes.

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