The prefects

It’s only in the last couple of weeks that it’s dawned on me. With one child in year 11 and one in year 6, I’ve kind of got two kids at the same stage in their school career, albeit one at secondary school and one at primary school.

The last few weeks have been about school transitions and open days for my daughter and now we’re gearing up for 6th form open days for my son.

Oh, and they’re both prefects.

That wasn’t something I expected to happen, but I’m very pleased that it has.

They both had to apply to be a prefect by writing a letter. My son wrote his in year 10 and part of me assumed he hadn’t got it as he wasn’t made a prefect until a couple of weeks into year 11. It was a couple of weeks after that that he finally got his badge. And the best bit for me was a postcard from his school, actually through the post, with a stamp on it, informing me that he’d been selected as a prefect. In the past, his school hasn’t been great with communication (or maybe four years’ worth of letters are screwed up in the bottom of his bag?), so this was really lovely to see.

And as for my daughter? Well, there was a bit of a wobble because she would really have liked to have been head girl or deputy head girl. But after a day of feeling sorry for herself, she licked her wounds, picked herself up and dedicated herself to being the best prefect she could be.

She has to check the reception kids are lining up properly after break time and lunchtime and she gives me A LOT of detail about it every day. But I love her prefect chatter.

I’m very proud of both my prefects.

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  1. What a brilliant achievement and a lot of responsibility for them both. I think things like this prepare them well for real responsibilities when they’re older.

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    • I’m so proud to have two prefects in the house 🙂 My daughter is really throwing herself into it. x

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  2. Aww, that’s just gorgeous. And how wonderful that your daughter was able to manage her disappointment and be a the best prefect she could be – what a great example for the rest of the school! #schooldays

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    • Thanks very much! She had a wobble for a couple of days, but it’s all forgotten now 🙂

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  3. What a fantastic achievement and a lot of responsibility for both of them. What a proud time for you all x

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    • Thanks very much! I’m definitely proud to have two prefects in the family! x

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  4. Oh that’s cool that they’ve both achieved it. Unusual having prefects at primary.

    Our secondary school stopped doing them just as we got to 5th year, I was gutted. And at 6th form (boys school with girls in the 6th form), I thought I’d be chosen because I did music, sport, was on a couple of other committee/reps, and was good at my work, but didn’t get chosen. Even now after 20+ years it rankles, especially as I know there were girls house teachers who were surprised I wasn’t one.

    Thanks for linking up #schooldays

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    • They started having the prefects at the primary school the year after my eldest left.
      I can imagine that would still annoy you that you weren’t a prefect. It would annoy me too! I’m pleased to say I was one 🙂

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  5. Fantastic, well done to them both, esp your daughter for turning her disappointment around.
    A lot of extra responsibility but I’m sure they’ll be fine.
    Thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements

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