Year 6

So here we are. Year 6. My daughter’s final year at primary school. (And mine!) I know it’s a cliche, but I’m really not sure how we got here. How is my youngest child, my baby, almost ready to leave primary school?

On the one hand, we’ve been very focused on it for a few months now – with the grammar school entrance exam hanging over us. But on the other? She’s just too young. Too tiny. Surely she only started school a couple of years ago?

But she’s 10 and a half now and really not all that tiny. In fact, she seems to be catching me up scarily fast. She’s mature and independent. She’s ready to be the oldest in the school.

She wasn’t looking forward to going back to school, although she’s missed her friends. But she’s pleased to be saying goodbye to year 5 and the teacher who, although she grew on her a bit and undoubtedly liked my daughter, was the teacher she’d liked least in her time at school.

She’s pleased to have her first ever male teacher. Most of her class have had a male teacher before. The other class have had two, some of them have even had three. This is the teacher who particularly liked her brother, the one who really understood that he wasn’t just a ‘clever kid’, that he had so much more to offer. It’s always good to be taught by a teacher who liked one of your siblings.

She came home on the first day and they’d already started work on their SATs. And she had the all-important secondary transfer letter. There’s nothing like hitting the ground running.

Year 6 is all about getting ready for the next stage. Getting ready to fly the safe little nest of primary school. Enjoying your time as a big fish in a little sea before you become a tiny fish in a very big sea. Saying goodbye to friends, as you all head off to different schools.

But there’s lots to do before then – the grammar school test, the SATs, the school residential. There’s the chance to represent the school in sport, to take part in Young Voices and dance festivals. There’s being a prefect and a role model for the younger children.

And there’s the chance to learn and to have fun and to just enjoy being at school with your friends.

She’s still got another year at school and I know she’s going to thrive. Year 6 is going to be a good one.

Daughter, Year 6, School

My daughter when she started school. Surely she’s no bigger than this now?!

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  1. Oh my goodness that’s such a cute photo, she’s grown So much since then. It does sound like year 6 is a huge year but hopefully it’ll be a good one. Hope all the exams go well x

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    • It’s a lovely photo, isn’t it? I forget she was that tiny! Thanks very much, our fingers are crossed for the exams! x

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  2. They grow so quickly don’t they. In Scotland kids don’t go to high school until they’re 12, almost 13. It’s a scary old world out there. Before you know it she’ll be sitting her high school exams!!

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    • Eeek! Very scary! My eldest is in his GCSE year now and I really don’t know where the time has gone to.

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  3. I’m in the same situation. My youngest has just started yr6. Where did the years go?

    We haven’t had senior school information packs home yet though. Dreading those, while we don’t have a girls Grammar school here, its still the overwhelming responsibility of picking a school that’s right for them and then keeping your fingers crossed that we get a place.

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    • The secondary school situation is tough whether or not there are grammar schools. If my daughter doesn’t get into grammar school, we have to choose which of two comprehensives we want her to go to – and hope she doesn’t get allocated the third one we definitely don’t want her to go to!

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  4. Oh bless that first day of school photo is so cute! I hope she has a fabulous year in year six and you know it’s going to go so quickly she’ll be off to high school before you know it 😉

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  5. That is the cutest photo, it is so scary how quickly it flies by. I am so glad that I have a few years yet until A leaves primary as I am sure I will be bereft for most of the year at the prospect.

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  6. My daughter has just left year six and she really loved it, having a good teacher that you get one with really makes her difference and her teacher was brilliant. Good new is, her sister has just moved into year five and is now being taught by the same teacher. I love that really cute photo 🙂

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  7. I’ve just found your blog and so many things you’ve written about are true about my family. I, too, have a year 6er about to take the 11 plus in Glos, although we chose to DIY the prep. Good luck to your daughter on Saturday.

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  8. Aw fab picture, was that on her very first day at school? Ah yes so here we are at year 6, the year we will say goodbye to primary school for ever. My daughter came home buzzing after her first day back, and like your daughter I know she is going to thrive this year. My daughter has had the same male teacher for the past 2 years, and she was sad to say goodbye to him for year 6. Before you know it it will be July and their next adventure will be starting. Good luck to your daughter x

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  9. This will be us soon enough. Daughter’s just started year three…her fourth in formal education. How did that happen (as you say a cliche but very real!!). So they really do hit the ground running in Yr 6.

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  10. Oh how cute is that first day photo. It’s amazing how much they grow as people in their time at primary. So much going on in her final year too. Hope it all goes well – she always seems really focused, so I’m sure she’ll get where she wants to.

    Thanks for linking up to #schooldays

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