Project 366 Week 34

I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of August and that the end of the school holidays is coming round so fast! I’m not sure I’m ready for autumn just yet.

After our lovely holiday in Padstow and a couple of relaxing weeks, I was back to working hard this week, while the kids mainly did their own thing. There was plenty of Pokemon Go hunting as usual.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 234 – Sunday 21st August – work is going to start on replacing our horrible downstairs toilet in the next few days (but sadly not our horrible ensuite!). My husband has been doing some preparation by painting the walls and window frame.

Decorating, Interiors, Bathroom

Day 235 – Monday 22nd August – it’s less than three weeks until my daughter has her grammar school entrance exam. She’s been working hard towards it and we can’t wait for it to all be over!

Grammar school test, Grammar school entrance exam, Revision

Day 236 – Tuesday 23rd August – our nearest Pokemon Go gym is at the local church. Here’s my son having an evening battle there.

Pokemon Go, Pokemon Go gym, Church, 365, 366

Day 237 – Wednesday 24th August – I went a walk in the countryside with my son for some serious Pokemon Go hunting, involving incense (it’s a Pokemon thing!).

Pokemon Go, Son, 365, 366

Day 238 – Thursday 25th August – I hate the signs of autumn which have started appearing. I really don’t like winter at all, so I wasn’t pleased to see these leaves falling from the tree in my garden.

Leaf, Autumn, 365, 366

Day 239 – Friday 26th August – this little furry dude gave me a real scare today. I picked him up and he was making a very strange noise when he breathed, so we had an emergency trip to the vet. It turns out he had a little stick stuck behind his front teeth, so hopefully he will be OK now.

Guinea pig, Pet, 365, 366

Day 240 – Saturday 27th August – I had to miss Parkrun today as I needed to get a 10 mile run in as part of my training for the Cheltenham half marathon. I’m pleased to say I completed it for the first time in two years. Excuse the blurry picture – that’s how many calories I burnt up. I will be hungry all day now!

Running, Training, Half marathon, 365, 366

Project 366 is a bloghop. Hop along to see what others have been up to this week.

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    • *shudder* I will be so glad to see the back of them! Two weeks to go…

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  1. I’m not ready for the summer to end yet either….It seems to have really flown over this year.
    Good luck to your girl on the grammar school entrance exam…She seems to be working hard.
    Well done with the running….You deserve a huge meal tonight. hehehe

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    • Thanks very much I definitely had a huge meal this evening! My girl has worked so hard that she really deserves to get in. She’s definitely given herself the best possible chance!

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  2. Thats a lot of calories. Glad you manged the run though, half a marathon is a long way to go but a good start.
    Poor guinea pig but glad he is ok.
    We spotted some autumnal coloured leaves while out this week. I much prefer the winter temperatures but dislike the dark nights and morning.
    Entrance exams are cruel.

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  3. Nooo there can’t be signs of Autumn already?! *sticks head in sand* I remember having a go at the 11+ revision tests when my friend’s daughter was revising – I completely failed at them as they were structured in a way I just wasn’t used to, it seems she was revising and had tutoring to pass the style of exam. Hope all goes well x

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  4. Hope the revision continues to go well. Well done on the run, once the kids go back to school I need to get back out running again! Thankfully, no signs of autumn here yet, I’ll be very sad to see the summer go…

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  5. Boooo to all the signs of Autumn. I’m not ready yet either. Glad your little furry boy is better again, they’re a complete part of your family! Good luck to your girl, hope it’s all going well. I’m sure she’ll do brilliantly!

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  6. Aw hard reading this now as thankfully Eric was fine, but poor Daisy. It is so hard losing a beloved pet and I hope you and the kids are all ok. Wishing your daughter lots of luck in her entrance exam. I can’t believe the final year of primary school is here for our girls x

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    • Thanks very much. After Eric’s dash to the vet last week, we would have been less surprised if he had passed away. We’re doing OK, thanks, but I keep thinking things like ‘three days ago we still had Daisy’ and I feel sad all over again!
      It’s crazy that it’s the final year of primary school. I don’t know where the time has gone to! x

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  7. i’m way behind with reading and commenting the linkys I join in with, hope the tests for R went/go well

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  8. reading this a week late, I am gutted that the return to school is now only 1 day away 🙁 it has flown past hasn’t it? I am dreading the school runs again!
    your poor guinea pig, it was lucky you could detect his strange breathing. i am sorry that you lost your other pet though.

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