Project 366 Weeks 22 & 23

I’m pleased to say that half-term was a better school holiday than we’ve had for a long time.

Here’s our fortnight in pictures…

Day 150 – Sunday 29th May – I’ve needed some new trainers for about three months now. Having finally persuaded myself that it’s OK to spend money on myself, I then struggled to find anything in a colour I liked in my size. And then I found these!

Trainers, Shoes, Converse, 365, 366

Day 151 – Monday 30th May – bank holiday Monday was all about getting my eldest and husband prepared for their big trip to Ben Nevis.

Walking boots, Hiking, Ben Nevis, 365, 366

Day 152 – Tuesday 31st May – my husband and eldest set off to get their flight to Scotland at 4am! I went to the cinema with the kids and completed another month of running. My totals are down this month due to a slight ankle injury and the effects of my nasty antibiotics, but hopefully I’ll be back to normal from now on.

Running, 365, 366

Day 153 – Wednesday 1st June – we went to London for an event with Robinsons about drinking more water. We couldn’t resist going to have a look at Big Ben, even though it was a bit of a trek.

Big Ben, London, 365, 366

Day 154 – Thursday 2nd June – we went to Bristol for another event, this one with Cabots Circus. Whenever we go to Bristol, the kids can’t resist paddling in the water.

Bristol, Son, Daughter, 365, 366

Day 155 – Friday 3rd June – the wanderers returned from Ben Nevis at just after midnight this morning, so we all had a pretty quiet day at home. Which is a good excuse for a photo of the garden.

Garden, Flowers, Plants, 365, 366

Day 156 – Saturday 4th June – we went for our annual day at Wychwood Festival and absolutely loved it! This is my daughter, niece, nephew, sister and brother-in-law watching Justin Fletcher on the main stage.

Wychwood Festival, Family, Cheltenham racecourse

Day 157 – Sunday 5th June – everyone was tired after Wychwood and after a week of fun, it was time to get some boring stuff done at home! Another excuse for a garden photo!

Flower, Garden, 365, 366

Day 158 – Monday 6th June – back to school for the boys, but my daughter still had an inset day. I had a lot of work on, so I had to ignore for most of the day! It was a very hot day and this is the first thing I saw when I looked out of the window in the morning.

Hot air balloon, 365, 366

Day 159 – Tuesday 7th June – a couple of months ago, I decided I would run six miles once a week to help me ease into longer runs ready to start half marathon training, hopefully without injury. I did two runs, then injured my ankle. On one of the hottest days of the year, I attempted to run six miles again. The heat was tough, but neither my ankle or my knee hurt, so I was very pleased with myself!

Selfie, Running, Training

Day 160 – Wednesday 8th June – I’m a self-confessed chocaholic and unashamed by the fact that I eat chocolate every day. I was so pleased to read Stressy Mummy’s post on why it’s good to eat it that I took this photo.

Chocolate, Selfie, 365, 366

Day 161 – Thursday 9th June – my daughter took part in a matchbox challenge at school. Do you think anyone will beat 120 items? I really hope not!

Matchbox challenge, School, 365, 366

Day 162 – Friday 10th June – my daughter injured her hand at school on Tuesday. I’ve been resisting taking her to get it checked, but took her today – and she’s chipped the knuckle, poor girl!

Daughter, Bandage, Hand, Knuckle

Day 163 – Saturday 11th June – today’s the day my husband has been looking forward to for ages – England’s first game in Euro 2016. We’d planned a barbecue, so of course it’s raining. Today also marks the start of a month without being able to watch anything but football on TV in our house.

England, Euro 2016, 366, 365


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  1. Oh no with the rain. I hope you manage to do it somehow but my Hubbie will now be watching the footy constantly for the next two weeks. Love your sparkly converses, will we see them at BML?

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    • You will definitely be seeing the sparkly Converse at BML (unless it’s boiling hot and I’m wearing my flip flops!).

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  2. Ohh! I do like those trainers….Such a fab colour.
    hahaha at the chocolate pic. I eat it everyday too.
    I hope your girls hand is feeling better soon. Ouchie!
    I’m enjoying the football. I’ve most of every match so far. lol

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  3. I do love a day out in Bristol and perfect weather for the fountains. Well done on your longer run – I’m finding Summer running difficult. I like the look Wychwood and should give it a whirl one year!

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  4. ouch at the hand, you will wish you had got it looked at sooner.
    I have struggled to walk 6 ft in this heat let alone run 6 miles, well done.
    Hope they enjoyed Ben Nevis.

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  5. so sorry about the hand – must be painful.
    However, i do love the design on your daughters blouse and i also love your new green sparkly shoes. Both are very nice.
    that is a superb photo of Big Ben – so striking (lol i made a little joke there!). I do not know how you run in this heat – I struggle to walk !!! xx

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