Project 365 2015 Week 41

Day 274 – Sunday 4th October – Sunday has always been my favourite day for running. Now I’m not running much, due to my injury I’ve started going for a quick early morning walk. I took some photos of trees, but I liked these pylons better!

Pylon, Morning, Autumn, 365

Day 275 – Monday 5th October – it looks like autumn has well and truly set in, so today I broke out my winter staple of long-sleeved Tshirt under short sleeved Tshirt. I will now wear this until May! (And anyone who has followed my skin journey will be impressed to know I haven’t edited any spots off my face!)

Selfie, Tshirt, 365

Day 276 – Tuesday 6th October – as a legendary disliker of Christmas, it feels weird that I’m going to be thinking about it all through November, thanks to my daughter getting into the pantomime. This is the performance schedule. I’m going to be singing Rihanna’s Shine Bright Like a Diamond and Prince’s Diamonds and Pearls right until 2nd January!

Panto, Daughter, Performance schedule, 365

Day 277 – Wednesday 7th October – this is not a beautiful photo, but it sums up our lives quite well. This is my daughter’s leotard, leggings, hair brush, hair grips and bun net ready for her tap and modern class, along with a drink and snack. I grabbed these for her when I picked her up from school choir and she got ready on the drive to her lesson.

Daughter, Dance, 365

Day 278 – Thursday 8th October – my daughter ran in a cross country race against other schools. Her Parkrun training certainly paid off and she came near the middle of the field, rather than near the back like last year.

Cross Country, Daughter, School, Running

Day 279 – Friday 9th October – we went to see England v Estonia at Wembley. It was a slightly disastrous trip (more of that on the blog next week). This was the view from our seats (yes, we were a long way up and back!).

Wembley, England, 365

Day 280 – Saturday 10th October – deja vu! It’s nearly three months since the boys went on their 12 day Scout camp to Holland, so it was time for them to go again! This camp is much shorter and much closer to home. It’s my eldest’s last Scout camp as he’s now moved to Explorers.

Rucksacks, Scouts, 365

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  1. Another scout camp! Does that mean the house will be quiet all over agiain? I didn’t realise you were a disliked of Xmas, I love the entire month of December, all slow and with lots of crap telly on. Looks like it’ll be really different for you though 🙂

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    • Yes, only a short Scout camp though! It is weird without them. Looking back I don’t know how we managed 12 days! It’s not so much that I dislike Christmas as I dislike it before about 20th December!

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  2. Your skin is looking fantastic! I am so pleased!!
    Congrats again to your daughter getting a part in the Panto….It sounds like a lot of hard work but I bet it will be a lot of fun too!
    I hope the boys have a great time at the camp 😀

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    • Thank you! My skin is normal at last, I really hope it stays this way this time! I’m so proud of my daughter getting into the panto 🙂

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  3. Sarah your skin looks fantastic. What a difference a few months have made. Well done again on the Pantomime and also on the school cross country run. Enjoy the peace and quiet with only 1 child at home. We had that last night and also all last weekend. How easy is it with 1 child lol x

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    • Thank you, I’m so pleased with my skin! Long may it continue. It’s great having only one child, but it does feel a bit too easy sometimes! x

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  4. Gosh, that’s one heck of a performance schedule! I’m finding running a battle at the mo trying to fit in the weekend runs when the OH is constantly at work is slightly annoying – hopefully I’ll get there. Your skin is looking fab and I love the layered tee look for Autumn/Winter/Spring 😉 x

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    • She’s doing half of those performances, but it’s still a lot! That sounds like it’s hard to fit in your runs – I do mine after I’ve dropped the kids at school, but not so easy for you!

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  5. Love the pylon shot, and the cross country run picture is amazing! How exciting to see the match at Wembley, bet the atmosphere was incredible.

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    • Thanks very much, I quite liked the fact that the cross country pic had turned out blurred, even though that wasn’t the intention! A trip to Wembley is brilliant.

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  6. Your skin is looking amazing, so pleased for you! Love the pylon shot and that is some schedule for the panto… Hope your boys enjoy camp x

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  7. Can’t believe it’s already that long since their last camp. Your skin is looking really clear at the moment.

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  8. wow that is a busy week, your skin looks wonderful. I can’t wear double layers, my boobs get in the way and it just ends up looking too bulky. Congrats on your daughter getting a role in panto.

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  9. Your skin looks amazing – let’s hope it stays that way now! Well done on the park run xx

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  10. That’s a brilliant shot of Wembley, even if you were up in the gods! And I love the first picture too – so atmospheric even with the pylons.

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  11. Hope the scout camp goes well and you get some peace. I didn’t know you didn’t like Christmas. I am a big fan of the build up and it;s my oldest’s birthday xmas eve too. Big hugs lovely xx

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    • I don’t mind Christmas itself, but hate that it starts so early! Must be lovely to have a birthday on Christmas Eve, though. The boys had a great Scout camp, thanks very much. x

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  12. Your skin’s looking brilliant. Bet you’re really pleased with how it’s looking.

    Good for your daughter, and hope the boys enjoy camp. What age is explorers for? I’ve not heard of that one.

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    • Explorers is for 14-17 year olds. I’m very pleased with my skin, thanks! 🙂

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  13. I hate anything with long sleeves and tend to push the sleeves up all the time, I much prefer a body warmer ( or to give it its more snobby modern name a gilet)
    Nice to know her park running is helping out with the cross country activity.
    Hope the boys are having a good time,

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