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Hotter Shoes. They’re what your mum wears, right? Or maybe your Grandma. (My lovely late 95 year old neighbour was a huge fan!)

But did you know they also make lots of shoes for stylish younger ladies? And men – my husband has been wearing them for work for years. He’s found that they are just as stylish as shoes in, for example, Jones, but last forever, are cheaper and, crucially, very, VERY comfortable!

Anyway, I digress.

I was very pleased to be invited along with a group of Gloucestershire bloggers to the Hotter Shoes store in Cheltenham to find out more about Hotter and try a few pairs on.

Hotter started out making slippers. Now they make shoes that are as comfortable as slippers (which is certainly what I always want in a shoe!). The secret is millions of air bubbles in the soles of their shoes. They even have a cunning pyramid construction to make their heels comfortable!

Hotter is the UK’s biggest shoe manufacturer, but its move into high street retailing is pretty recent – in 2010 it had just five stores, now it has 75. Hotter assistants actually fit shoes, just like when you buy kids’ shoes, and they come in a range of width fittings and half sizes. They also do their boots in two calf fittings and have lots of elastic, so their boots fit larger ladies comfortably. They make ladies’ shoes up to a size 9 – must tell my sister!

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The autumn and winter range includes some very stylish knee boots and riding boots, some brogues that Lady Mary might wear on the farm in Downton (and that is a good thing in my book!) and a range of heels. I don’t wear heels, but if I ever need any, I will be getting myself some comfortable Hotter Mary Janes.

I’d looked at the Hotter website before the event and had my heart set on a pair of black Ivy boots – short biker boots, which I thought would make the perfect replacement for my worn-out Doc Martens. I do a lot of walking and only wear jeans, so I need comfortable, hard-wearing boots for winter.

I was gutted when they didn’t fit! I learned that Hotter shoes come up large. I’m normally an 8, but went right down to a 6.5! The boots fitted my foot, but were too big on the ankle and the heel. This is a problem I’ve had before with shoes. As shoes and boots are increasingly built to accommodate the needs of larger ladies, the smaller ladies sometimes get left behind! But, as they very helpful assistants explained, shoes are like jeans – not every style fits everyone. So some people can’t wear skinny jeans, they need straight leg, bootleg or jeggings. And I can’t wear biker boots!

I tried on three other boots – the Shawbury ankle boot was my second favourite in terms of looks, but still didn’t fit right. It seemed pointless to get boots from a company renowned for its comfort if they weren’t actually comfortable. The Ellery lace-up boot was comfortable, but not as stylish as I wanted. And then I hit the jackpot – Romance boots!

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I can safely say I have never felt anything so comfortable on my feet. They really DID feel like slippers! They were warm and soft, but it was more than that. I felt like I was walking on air. I pondered the other boots for a bit longer, but once I’d tried on Romance, there really was no competition. I’d wanted a replacement for my Doc Martens, but I’m also a dedicated Ugg wearer and I’ve ended up with a replacement for my Uggs instead.

Hotter Shoes, Review, Hotter Cheltenham

I can confidently say I will have a warm and comfortable winter in my Romance boots!

Thank you very much to the staff at Hotter Cheltenham for looking after the Gloucestershire bloggers. A big thank you to Pink Oddy for bringing the Gloucestershire bloggers together and setting up the evening with Hotter.

I was given a pair of shoes courtesy of Hotter. All opinions are my own.

Hotter Shoes, Hotter Cheltenham, Gloucestershire bloggers, Review


Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I love hotter shoes. So comfortable. As I have my eye on some boots for this winter I’ll be using your code. Thanks

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    • Great, glad the code will come in useful! I must say once I’d found my perfect boots, I had never felt any shoes as comfortable in my life! I’m looking forward to getting a lot of wear out of them over winter.

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  2. These are MY style of shoes! I’m off to investigate if there are any stores in the Devon/Somerset are for when I am over later in the month.

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    • Hope you find some! They really are the most comfy shoes ever!

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  3. Oh you are very welcome and thank you very much for coming.
    I am glad you got to find a great pair for you – even if it wasn’t the ones you thought you’d be taking.

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    • Thank you! The more I wear them, the more I’m convinced they were the right choice 🙂

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  4. Fab post Sarah! I love your new boots and they certainly do look as comfy as a pair of slippers! I’m sure you will have those on your feet most of the winter. Great meeting you x

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    • I definitely will! Thanks very much and good to meet you too 🙂

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  5. I’m a size 3 so not sure what size I’d become with their shoes but the sounds of their different calf fitting boots sounds really good, I always have trouble finding boots that don’t look like wellies on me! The cushioned sole sounds soooo comfy, I need to have a try!

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    • You definitely need a try! I suspect the boots will be a bit wide for you, like some of them were for me, but definitely worth trying.

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  6. I have heard so many good things about Hotter shoes since I started blogging. I would love them to hold an event in the North West. I hated shopping for shoes when I was a child, and still do as a 41 year old woman. But I really fancy experiencing the hotter treatment as the customer service sounds amazing. I love your boots Sarah. They look SO comfy x

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    • Thanks, they really are fantastic! I wouldn’t be surprised if they did an event in the North West – they seem to get about a fair bit! x

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  7. They do look lovely and comfy. I can’t wait to wear my new boots for something.

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    • Yours are so stylish! I love my comfy boots though 🙂

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    • Thanks! I wasn’t sure about the fur at first, but the boots look really good with my black jeans 🙂

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  8. I adore your boots Sarah!! I am now feeling tempted to have another trip back to Hotter…..
    Lovely seeing you again x

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    • You are definitely a Hotter addict! Thanks, good to see you too 🙂

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