Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

If last year was the year of Jo Nesbo for me (I read six Nesbo books in 2014 and reviewed them all on the blog), this year is the year of Gillian Flynn. I loved Gone Girl  and Sharp Objects, so I was very pleased that when I returned Sharp Objects to my friend, she instantly lent me Dark Places.

I’ll be honest, Dark Places didn’t have me instantly hooked like the other two books. All of Flynn’s characters seem to be pretty horrible, but at first you can convince yourself that maybe they’re not too bad. But Libby Day of Dark Places seemed to be horrible from the start. When you don’t like the main character, it can make enjoying a book difficult. But it wasn’t too long before I was hooked and I started to like Libby a bit more.

At the age of 7, Libby’s evidence had put her 15 year old brother behind bars. At 31, Libby had never questioned his guilt, until she is contacted by a group of people who are convinced he is innocent. Libby starts to question what really happened all those years ago and sets out to find the truth.

The book cuts between Libby in the present day and her brother, Ben, and mother, Patty, in the days and hours leading up to the crime. Will Libby work out the truth or will it be revealed through Ben and Patty’s story?

Dark Places is a real page-turner, but not for the faint-hearted. The main characters get up to some nasty stuff – not the unbelievable, dramatic crimes of some thrillers, but dirty, small town stuff which somehow seem worse as it’s more believable.

I would definitely recommend this book, although I was slightly disappointed by the ending, which seemed to be too coincidental and come together too easily.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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