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Sometimes, with The Gallery prompts, it feels like Tara from Sticky Fingers knows me and my life too well.

Right now, there could be no more appropriate Gallery theme for me than ‘time’. Because I just don’t have it. To prove a point, I didn’t even check on the theme until three days after it was published – and I’m usually there checking it straight away.

I’ve never had much time. Having three kids tends to do that to you. Not to mention a husband who works long hours (therefore leaving all the childcare and the bulk of the house stuff to yours truly), an increasing freelance workload and a seemingly never-ending round of hospital appointments. There’s the four dance classes a week, the washing that doesn’t put itself away, the kids who never go to bed and the endless calculations about what we can all eat and when. And how am I going to buy the food, anyway? I don’t have time!

But then, a few weeks ago, it all just got busier.

I keep thinking the end might be in sight. But it never comes. I now have my hopes firmly pinned on August. It will all be fine in August! If I say it enough times, I might start to believe it.

It started with my son’s year 6 residential, then there was Britmums Live, the dance show and the French exchange visit. I thought it would be better after that.

But there were parents’ evenings and secondary school transition things. There were yet more hospital appointments. There was a leavers’ play.

And there was work.

Generally, I aim to fit my work into the school day. I like to do about four hours, which gives me enough time to stay on top of the house and be a nice person when my kids get home, rather than some sort of stressed-out monster. But freelance work doesn’t come in four-hour chunks. It comes in six-hour-needs-to-be-done-today-at-all-costs chunks. And so I do it. Because I want the work to come to me next time.

As I write this, I feel like I’m recovering from an illness. I’m so tired. I’m sat in the house, with it raining outside, just recovering from work.

I worked at the weekend. I left the house, I drove over 30 miles up the motorway and I worked. I was out of the house for nearly 12 hours on both Saturday and Sunday.

I don’t leave the house to work and I don’t work weekends. I don’t drive on the motorway. And so I’m exhausted.

I loved working with real people. I loved the buzz of being in an office, but now I just feel drained.

And still there are more demands on my time – sports day and the leavers’ assembly and the leavers’ party this week, followed by the 12-day Scout camp for both boys that I’ve been dreading.

When that’s over and they’re both home safe and sound and the school holidays are well underway, I really hope I will have more time. Because I can’t go on like this much longer.

Clock, Time, The Gallery

This post was written in response to a prompt on The Gallery at Sticky Fingers. Pop over to see how others have interpreted the theme ‘time’.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I feel like I don’t have it too right now and this post could be about me, with some pregnancy thrown in! Mine is starting to calm down a bit now , err I think! Hope you’re does too soon!!

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    • Thanks very much! I think mine might once school finishes. I live in hope! It’s amazing how many of us are stupidly busy.

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  2. I hear you, I hear you, I hear you!

    Do you think it will ever get better?

    Work is mental right now. I need a PA to sort out all the emails and paperwork concerning school and some very obstructive people.

    Hospital appointments! Well, an over night stay 3 hours ago (14 hour days) and 6 hour day last week. Yesterday we were out the house for 10 minute short of 7 hours and it will be about 6 hours Thursday.

    Add in house stuff, shopping, cooking etc and it then brings me to sleep.

    Any advise when I fit sleep in?

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    • I’m not sure that it will get better! Maybe when the kids leave home?! Your hospital appointments are a nightmare! At least ours are only in the same day, so they just put a dent in the day rather than take up a whole day.
      Sleep is for the weak, apparently. Who needs it?

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  3. Had to comment. I could have written this myself, almost word for word. I’m right there with you. You think that as kids get older you’ll get more time but like you I’m just getting busier and busier, getting up earlier and going to bed later. I think we should start a petition for there to be 27 hrs in a day. That’d do the trick I think.
    One tip, get ‘Time Management for Manic Mums’. Helped me enormously and I use loads of the tips and tricks in there. Roll on August!

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    • It’s amazing how many mums are in this position. Life just seems relentless. 27 hour days would definitely be a help.
      Will look up Time Management for Manic Mums, thanks!

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  4. I think alot of us are all sighing and saying this today, aren’t we? It just feels relentless. That the only thing I want for my birthday next month is a lie in. Even today on holiday I am up at 4am to work (the joys of being self employed and a five hour time difference) when the sun isnt even up and the rest of my family sleep. Time to be on my side is all I want!

    Here’s to the summer holidays starting soon and you being able to sneak an extra hour in bed hopefully

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    • Thanks very much, amen to that!
      4am on holiday is crazy, but I know I would do the same! These days there’s no such thing as a proper holiday, but at least you get to work somewhere nice!

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  5. This is the first free morning I’ve had in a long time and I’m relishing every peaceful moment. I’m ready for bed about 8pm most evenings right now. Oh for the summer holidays and lazy mornings….I hope!

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    • A free morning sounds amazing! I’m sure the summer holidays will be relaxing, although I’ll be getting up before 6 to try and do as much work as I can before kids get up!

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    • We definitely do! Thanks very much.

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  6. this is how i felt every time my children went through a development change, new school, hormones, up a year group or sports level. I struggled to adapt to the new schedule and had to change and adapt my work life, house work, me time time etc etc to fit in with their new set of needs. It will all settle then it will all change. Having kids isn’t just about their development it’s about ours as well. We may be adults but we don’t stop changing either

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    • That’s a very good point! I hadn’t thought about it like that, but you’re totally right. The new secondary school will be a change not just for my son, but for my daughter and me, as we’ll be driving to the school for the first time ever. It will mean some adjustment.

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  7. Hi feel exhausted just reading that! WHAT were we thinking?!

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    • I know! It’s a nightmare, isn’t it? Yet none of it seems avoidable – we have to do all of it, however much it wears us out.

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  8. I hear you, it’s so hard to get everything done at this time of year especially. You are doing great and not long now. x

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    • It certainly is! Thanks very much! x

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  9. Thanks very much! I’m hoping the holidays will be much easier.

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