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It’s been a couple of months now since my son and year 6s everywhere took their Key Stage 2 SATs. I was surprised that my son was nervous. Because if anyone could pass them with flying colours, it was my son. But he didn’t just want to pass them – he wanted to get Level 6.

For the uninitiated, children should achieve Level 4 at the end of year 6. That demonstrates a decent primary school education and most children can achieve it (within Level 4 there is A, B and C – A being the top of the level, C being at the bottom).

The top 30-40% of children will get Level 5 in their SATs. This shows a higher ability and higher level of understanding.

And then there’s Level 6. This is the level children are supposed to achieve at the end of year 9 – where my eldest son is now. My eldest is a bright boy and is achieving around 6.25 in most subjects, although as low as Level 5 in PE and as high as 7.25 in science.

My eldest is three school years ahead of his brother, but this is where my younger son wanted to be and where he believed he could be.

This is the report that came home from school last week.

SATs, Year 6, Son

I cannot begin to tell you how proud I was. There definitely were tears in my eyes. Yes, we know he’s a bright boy, but to see it on paper that he is three years ahead of where he should be is something quite special.

He got Level 6 overall in English, so we weren’t worried about the Level 5 in reading (which is basically comprehension) – and why would we be? Level 5 is still a very good result. Nor were we worried about the Level 5 in Science.

Only two children in his year group got Level 6 in English and two in Maths. He was the only to get it in both. Nobody got Level 6 in Science or Reading. In fact, nationally, the percentage getting Level 6 in Science and Reading was 0! (I’m guessing a small number of kids got it, but not even enough to register as a percentage point.)

Accompanying the SATs was a report which showed that my son was performing at the highest level in all subjects apart from art! So that’s things like music and PE, as well as the academic subjects. He is also putting the highest level of effort into all of his subjects, despite him not really needing to.

I particularly liked this comment: Younger son should be commended on his ability to share his insightful and poignant comments with the rest of the class in the most humble and gracious of ways.

That’s my boy! So clever, yet so humble with it.

The SATs results and the report make me a very proud mummy as he prepares to leave primary school and move on to grammar school.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Oh wow that’s amazing and such a huge huge achievement. Well done to him on his fantastic report. I had no idea the average was 0 nationally for level 6 at that age, that’s quite something isn’t it?

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    • Thanks very much! It is definitely quite an achievement 🙂

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  2. Well done Younger Son. I think last year the Reading was next to impossible to get a 6 on, so it might be the same this year. He’s very well prepared academically for his next school.

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    • Thanks very much! I’m very proud of him 🙂 Thanks for that info about the reading paper. I’m not a governor any more, so I didn’t have this sort of information any more!

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  3. First of all, Sarah, many congratulations to your son – awesome results and he should be justifiably proud. They’re an exact copy of the results my eldest got at the same age and he’s now at Cambridge, so encourage your son to set his sights high and make sure he’s always stretched: you may have some battles with the new school on that one, as I don’t think schools are very good with really bright children. If you ever want to chat about that you know where I am, and similarly if your son (as he gets older) would like to talk to someone who’s gone down the same science route then Tom will be happy to help.
    For now though, congratulations again and I hope he has a brilliant summer holiday…

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    • Thanks very much, that’s really good to hear about your soon and really appreciate the offer of help. Luckily my son is going to one of the best grammar schools in the country, so he will be in exactly the right place, but I know what you mean about schools not always stretching bright kids.

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  4. Well done to your son! Hope he has a well deserved rest over summer before starting secondary school. My 3 teens all got level 5 in their SATs but my youngest who is going into year 6 in September is determined to get higher than them!

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    • Thanks very much! Good luck to your youngest – I admire that sort of determination!

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  5. Well done to your son, I didn’t doubt it for a second! Don’t know him but feel like I do from your blog so thought he would do amazingly 🙂 I heard that no one in the whole country got a Level 6 in Reading. Seems odd doesn’t it?

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    • Thanks very much 🙂 That is very odd! It must have been impossible to get.

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    • My lson got a level 6 in reading (but was one of only 4 in the county to do so …!)

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  6. Wow! This is amazing! Well done your boy! You have every reason to be proud….

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    • Thanks very much! He has done brilliantly, bless him 🙂

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    • Thanks very much! He certainly is! 🙂

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    • Thanks very much! I really am, he’s brilliant 🙂 x

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