Year 6 leavers’ play

In just three days, my younger son will leave primary school. He has been there for seven years, always with the same kids, his class has never been changed or mixed. Leaving that lovely school is a pretty big deal for him because he is the only kid going to his grammar school. Moving on from primary school is a real milestone and I’m pleased to say the school really celebrates it and helps to make those last few weeks really memorable.

So the other day, the countdown began, with the annual leavers’ play. The year 6s have spent the last few weeks rehearsing for their performance of School Daze. I’m pleased to say that School Daze ISN’T a total bulb-fest. My eldest’s leavers’ play was all about leaving primary school and contained a song with the words ‘Goodbye my friend, it’s not the end… ‘. When you’re feeling emotional about your kid leaving school, I defy anyone not to cry at that. School Daze is more about celebrating primary school and year 6.

In the year 2075, two kids go to visit their grandparents. They chat about school and the grandparents start to remember what school was like when they were there – 60 years ago. Every scene starts with the children and grandparents chatting, then it flashes back to a childhood memory – of SATs (‘they abolished those years ago’), of mucking around in class, getting a year 6 attitude, getting nits and lots more easily recognisable year 6 stuff.

Each little scene had a separate cast, which was perfect for so many kids – and all the kids played their parts brilliantly. There wasn’t one child who didn’t seem able to act or didn’t give their all for their part. Then each scene ended with a song, with the whole cast joining in.

The first scene after the two kids had settled down at their grandparents’ house starred my son as a teacher. It was a very funny scene and my son played it just right. In it, he told the kids off for a series of misdemeanours – forgetting homework, losing pencils, using their phones in class, making a mess, eating sweets… before proceeding to do exactly the same himself.

I was particularly impressed that while everyone sang the song, he continued to act – writing on the board and talking to his class. Not once did he come out of character.

As they sang the final song, One Day at a Time, I saw my son’s eyes go up, as though he was thinking about what the words meant and feeling sad. The song is all about wanting to grow up fast and do all the cool things older kids do, but then remembering that you’ve still got all the time in the world and you should take each day as it comes and not be in a rush to move onto the next thing. And when I listened, and saw my son’s eyes go up, I’ll admit, I did feel rather sad.

He has been with a lovely bunch of kids for the last seven years and has made some really good friends. He’s had some fantastic teachers and I think the school is amazing.

When the headteacher came on at the end and said what a brilliant year 6 they’d been, I felt very proud. Especially knowing that, in a group of brilliant kids, my son was good enough to be chosen to be head boy.

The next few days are going to be emotional. My tissues are now ready for the big one – the leavers’ assembly on the final day!

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  1. Aww what a good play and I think I would have cried. 7 years with the same group of people is such a long time, and it sounds like he’s has a really good time at it. I think I am going to be a bit like this on Friday when Z leaves preschool.

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    • It’s really sad! It’s going to be a lot worse on Friday, though, at the leavers’ assembly! Hope you’re OK for Z’s pre-school on Friday too.

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  2. Sounds brilliant and Ethan’s class did ‘goodbye my friend’ and so thinking of your boy taking in the idea of growing up I’m tearing up again.

    Feel like I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster this week! Xx

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    • It’s really is an emotional roller coaster! ‘Goodbye my friend’ really milks leaving primary school for maximum tears! 🙁 x

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  3. Aww! It sounds like they put on a fantastic show! Well done your boy & his class!
    I cried like a baby this time last year when my girl left primary school…lol

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    • Thanks very much 🙂 It’s awful, isn’t it? So many parents in bits when their kids leave primary school 🙁

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  4. Sounds like your son did a brilliant job with acting his part in the play. I can imagine how sad it must be that this era is now coming to an end – hope all goes well with the leavers’ assembly and wishing your son all the best for starting grammar school.

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    • Thanks very much, really appreciate that! He did brilliantly, but the whole leaving primary school thing is really emotional!

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  5. I know I am going to be in bits when H’s turn for the year 6 farewell comes around. Glad the play went off so well.

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    • Thanks very much! It’s really hard when they leave primary school 🙁

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  6. Oh I will be the same. It’s such a huge moment. What a lovely achievement and proud time xx

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    • Thank you! It was a fantastic play and he did so well. x

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  7. My eldest will finish primary school next year and I have already warned her that I will cry! So emotional! I hope the rest of the week went ok for you x x x

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    • It is really emotional! The rest of the week just got harder 🙁 Thanks. x

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