Why I’m not running Brighton marathon 2021

At the start of the year, I spent over two months training for Brighton marathon. I’d worked hard, followed my plan and was enjoying the training. I was also excited about going to Brighton, a place I’ve only been to a couple of times before. It was to be my husband’s first marathon and he had worked hard for it too.

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But, just over a month before the race and just after my first 18 mile training run, we all know what happened. Brighton marathon was cancelled, along with everything else, due to coronavirus.

Well, technically it was postponed until 20th September. After a bit of thought, we decided not to run it in September. There was the uncertainty over whether it would actually go ahead in September anyway. And I didn’t really fancy the idea of training over summer and it clashed with my local favourite – Cheltenham half marathon. Ironically, Cheltenham was called off a long time ago, but remarkably Brighton still hasn’t been cancelled.

So we thought we would just run it next April. But we made a rookie error. We forgot to book accommodation.

By the time we tried to book it a couple of weeks ago, we were looking at £250-300 for a room. We considered booking a town further out, but that would obviously give us additional stress on the morning. The whole thing was starting to weigh heavily on me. I really wanted to run it, but £250 for a hotel room is just too much.

I talked to another marathon runner on social media, who told me that’s exactly why she only does local marathons. She lives in the North West and there are more local marathons to choose from – Manchester, Liverpool and Chester. There are surprisingly few marathons close to us in Gloucestershire. There is nothing in the county and nothing in Bristol. But it got me thinking.

And it led me back to Newport.

I ran Newport marathon last year. It was my first marathon. Newport is just over an hour’s drive away, so there’s no need to worry about hotel rooms. There isn’t even a worry about whether my husband will be able to drive us home after running a marathon. (We would definitely have had to get a train or a lift back from Brighton.)

Newport isn’t the most scenic marathon and it doesn’t have the big crowds, but it’s nice enough. And a marathon is still a marathon, regardless of where you run it.

Ironically, the main reason my husband didn’t run it with me last year was because he wanted to run somewhere scenic and exciting. He had always wanted to run Brighton.

But we’ve booked Newport marathon 2021 for both of us. As soon as I did it, I felt very excited. I also felt like a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders. It might be a bit ‘boring’ to run the same race again, but I am fine with that.

Newport marathon 2021 is the right decision for us. Maybe we will try for Brighton another year, but just not yet.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I don’t blame you at all. It’s easier for me to get accommodation because I’ve got a camper van but still a pain with all the cancellations. We’ve decided not to do it in September because it’s a risk to Martyn but if they go ahead with it then we might nor get a place next year. It’s such an odd situation, especially as I’d decided I prefer shorter distances and I probably won’t do another marathon after this. I just want to get it out of the way now!

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    • I don’t blame you either! There is so much uncertainty around it. I still think it will be called off in September and I would be very annoyed if I’d put myself through the training for it to be called off a second time! Sorry to hear you’re not keen on the distance any more. I can see myself doing a marathon every spring for a few years now, as long as I can avoid injury!

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  2. Oh what a relief – for both of us! When I read the title I thought you were going to let your training go to waste!

    I don’t blame you not wanting to pay all the costs in accommodation. That’s why I booked a Marathon in Cheltenham -even if it is going to be a lot harder, because I knew I didn’t have to worry about it all.

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    • Thanks very much. There was no way I would let my training go to waste! I can see myself running a marathon a year for the next few years, as I do really enjoy putting the work into the training.
      I got excited then and wondered what marathon in Cheltenham you knew about that I had totally missed, but I realised it was a trail marathon. Although I would never say never, I’m definitely more keen to run a marathon on roads and hopefully clock myself up a half decent time.

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  3. It is such a shame that you can’t do it but I totally get your reasons to not do it and at least all of your training isn’t going to waste

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    • Thank you! I am disappointed because I was looking forward to the scenery and the atmosphere. But it wasn’t worth all the extra cost. I will be very happy running Newport again!

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