Guinea pigs are amazing pets

Regular readers will know that we recently welcomed Henry the baby guinea pig into our family. He is adorable and Cedric, our older guinea pig, loves him. Because guinea pigs are amazing pets.

I’m a fairly late convert to guinea pigs, having only ‘discovered’ them in 2014. Before that, it was all about the rabbits for me. We had a string of rabbits through my childhood, right into adulthood. My last rabbit died just before I got pregnant with my daughter. I’m not sure why I decided a few years later that guinea pigs would be the perfect pet for my kids, but I’m so glad I did.

Guinea pigs have big personalities for such tiny creatures. They are all real individuals. And they make the cutest noises.

But the best thing about guinea pigs is something that a lot of people wouldn’t realise. I didn’t really realise it myself until we got Cedric as a baby: Male guinea pigs will instantly accept a baby guinea pig and start to care for it.

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This is a phenomenon which is almost unique in the animal kingdom. Many male animals won’t even care for their own young, let alone one which is unrelated. Sometimes female animals can be persuaded to care for another animal’s baby along with their own, but not always.

But male guinea pigs will accept a new baby without question.

Sadly, Henry is what I’m calling our ‘third generation’ guinea pig. His predecessor, Wilfred, was our first ‘second generation’ guinea pig – he replaced our first guinea pig which sadly died – Daisy.

Daisy’s friend, Eric, was the most docile guinea pig imaginable. So when he instantly started grooming a baby Wilfred, I just thought that was an Eric thing, not a guinea pig thing.

When Eric sadly died and we got Cedric, I was worried about how Wilfred, who was a feistier guinea pig, would accept a baby. But he did exactly what Eric had done for him. He groomed baby Cedric and immediately started to look after him. Even though Cedric eventually grew much larger than Wilfred, he still relied on him and still squeaked like crazy if he couldn’t find his ‘big brother’.

Having been through this experience twice before, I had no concerns at all about whether Cedric would accept a new baby guinea pig. Like his predecessors, Cedric started grooming baby Henry and then started to play with him. On Henry’s first day with us, Cedric took him a piece of carrot (where normally he would get his own piece of carrot and hide with it). Often it is hard to see Henry, because he is literally in the shadow of Cedric – following him around as closely as he can. They have two warm beds, but they sleep in the same one.

I know from experience that they will have the occasional scuffle in the future, but I also know they will remain best friends forever.

And that is why guinea pigs are amazing and why I would recommend them to anyone thinking about getting pets.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Guinea pigs sound like lovely creatures to have as pets. My youngest is trying to convince me that we need a couple. They do sound so caring. x

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    • They are brilliant pets. I’m sure you would love them! They are a bit of work with cleaning etc, but it’s well worth it. x

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  2. Aww that’s so lovely. I would quite like to have some guinea pigs one day but I don’t think they’d get enough attention at the moment with the cat and dog to contend with.

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    • They are brilliant pets, but you’re right, they probably wouldn’t get enough attention when you already have a cat or dog. I know people who have both dogs and guinea pigs can’t understand how attached I am to my guinea pigs, as they are obviously much further down the pecking order in their families! x

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  3. Aw that is so lovely! I had no idea that they took care of babies like that, it must be really heart-warming to see it. I’m glad that you have got two guinea pigs again and Henry is just the cutest thing

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    • They are such cute pets. It’s good to know that I never need to worry about getting a new one, although I’m really hoping I don’t need to get a new one for a few years now!

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