Disorganised teenagers

Teenagers are disorganised. Well, I can’t speak for all teenagers,  but I can definitely say that my two are disorganised. Here’s a glimpse into the kind of crap organisation we have to deal with constantly…

The Explorers shirt

My eldest went to Explorers in jeans and a T-shirt. This is against the rules. When you go to Explorers, you have to wear your Explorers shirt. I received two emails in the days following him wearing the wrong clothes asking that he wear his shirt next time. But of course he couldn’t find his shirt. Even when he sifted through the great piles of junk at the bottom of his wardrobe. He concluded that he had probably left it at Explorers back in July. So he wore his brother’s shirt to Explorers and, sure enough, his own was still exactly where he’d left it two months previously. Remarkably, he did actually manage to bring his brother’s shirt home with him.

The school bus and the coffee cup

My eldest gets out of bed with approximately 20 minutes until the school bus. In that time, he gets dressed, makes and eats breakfast, brushes his teeth, packs his bag and walks to the bus stop. No matter how late he is, he always makes coffee and drinks it before school. By the fourth day of the school year, he was already running so late that he drank his coffee as he was leaving the house and abandoned the cup on the garden wall.

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The driving lesson

My son’s driving lesson was at 5pm on a Thursday. So I was quite surprised when the doorbell rang at 5pm on Tuesday and the driving instructor was stood on the doorstep. Apparently the lesson was at 5pm on Tuesday and always had been.

The chip shop

Over the course of a few weeks, my son turned up early for shifts at the chip shop, turned up for shifts he wasn’t doing and turned up late for shifts – all because he believed he knew which time and day he was supposed to be working without checking. But clearly didn’t. On the plus side, he never actually missed a shift.

The PE bag

On a Thursday morning, my son couldn’t find his PE bag. It was only then that he realised he had completely forgotten to bring it home from school the previous day. Despite searching all of the places he might have left it at school, as well as lost property, the PE bag was never seen again. As well as the bag itself, he had lost trainers, two rugby scrum hats, a pair of shorts and a school PE top.

Please tell me it’s not just us! Are anyone else’s teenagers as disorganised as this?

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. This makes me feel slightly better about the fact that my 11 year old has lost two lunchboxes already this term!

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    • Oh dear, it sounds like he’s well on his way to becoming a teenager! I’ve completely given up giving my eldest lunchboxes as he never brought them home. He has his lunch loose in his bag now.

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  2. Son running late so had to drive him to school. Got to school gate, he’d forgotten his trainers – PE was first lesson, certain detention apparently if he didn’t have them. Has the same size feet as me. I was planning to run in the park after drop off (to make some use of my unexpected and unwanted drive into town). Took the shoes off my feet, gave to him and drove home bare footed – it’s not just you!

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    • Oh dear! I can imagine the exact same thing happening here. My son borrowed my spare trainers for parkrun a couple of years ago when he left his at school, but there’s no way he could fit into them now!

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  3. Nope it’s not just you and your teens. My two are hopeless despite all my nagging!
    My girls are great at losing the lids off their lunchboxes! I have about 6 boxes with only 2 lids. They lose ties, PE kits, uniform and coats. Ugh!

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    • Oh dear! It’s not just boys, then? I feel your pain. We have a few lunchboxes without lids too. I’ve actually given up giving my eldest a lunchbox, because I can’t trust him to bring them home.

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  4. I think teenagers are just disorganised by nature there is probably some sort of development reason for it I guess? One thing I did with my disorganised teenager though was let him see the consequences of it. Like he would forget to take his guitar into school for his lesson all the time and mums taxi here would take it in for him. Same for homework and PE kits and whatever else actually. But I stopped doing it to “force” him to be more organised by him getting into trouble at school and I felt awful at first but it actually worked. I figure I’m not always going to be there to be mums taxi so I’m teaching him a life lesson really. Being organised certainly doesn’t come naturally to him but it’s something he has to learn!

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    • I think you’re right about it being a developmental thing (although I’m still really hoping it doesn’t affect my daughter who is 12 and a half!). I think you’re right not to take his stuff to him. I can drive to my younger son’s school easily and there was a time in year 8 when I seemed to constantly be taking trainers and football boots to him. I can’t get to my eldest’s school easily and I’m happy for him to take the consequences if he forgets stuff!

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  5. That did make me laugh! I think there is something about teenagers that makes them struggle with being organised. My two are similar and I just have to nag them all the time. I was talking about this subject with a friend and she was saying that her son is ridiculously organised but her daughter is awful, so it will be interesting to see what our daughters are like when they hit the teen years.

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    • That’s interesting to hear about an organised boy and a disorganised girl! I live in hope that my daughter won’t be so bad. She’s only got five months until she’s a teenager and she’s currently extremely organised, so my fingers are crossed!

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