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When we booked our holiday to Copenhagen, I was so excited. Then a few weeks later, I thought ‘what the hell are we doing going somewhere north of Britain at the start of April?’. We’re not sun worshippers, in fact some members of my family struggle with the heat, but a warmer climate would have been nice, especially after the terrible weather we’d had at home in March.

As the holiday crept closer, we kept checking the weather app. Five degrees and sleet… Four degrees and strong winds…

But then something changed. SUN. It was going to be nine degrees on the day we arrived, rising to THIRTEEN degrees a couple of days later. And it was going to be sunny.

‘I’m in two minds whether to take my coat on holiday,’ said my husband.

Er – this is DENMARK in APRIL. You NEED to take your coat.

We were doing parkrun while we were away. Was I going to take too many running clothes? Should I just have my three quarter length leggings and a single layer on top?

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I can safely say that the sun was indeed shining when we arrived, but the wind was blowing a bit and there’s something about the air. Even though we’ve had so much cold weather at home, the air somehow felt that bit colder in Copenhagen.

On our first evening, I was the only one who put a coat on. My eldest didn’t even put a jumper on. Because, you know, we’re British and we’re on holiday…

My daughter was literally shivering and I ended up having to give her the coat I had been sensible enough to wear.

When we arrived at parkrun the next day, after a long walk (full length leggings and two layers very much needed), the run director had a laugh at my son. He could tell he was British – he and my husband were the only people crazy enough to wear shorts.

Although, remarkably, the temperature did hit the dizzy heights of 13 or 14 degrees on the day we went cycling and my entire family caught the sun! I don’t think I’ve ever been on holiday without suncream before, I just didn’t think we’d need it in Denmark in April.

You know how in Britain it gets to seven degrees and the sun comes out after a prolonged period of cold weather and we all just get rid of our coats? The Danish don’t do that. While my kids were bravely walking around in only a jumper, the Danes were still very wrapped up in thick coats and scarves.

Copenhagen is a beautiful place and I would thoroughly recommend it, but there is probably a reason why the holiday was good value. The Danish climate is not designed for holidays in April.

The Danish Climate, Copenhagen, Denmark, Daughter

Yes, she is wearing my coat…

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. That did make me smile, it is true that we do think that it is quite alright to go into holiday mode, even if it is too cold. It sounds like the weather was okay for you, even if it was cold, at least it wasn’t raining.

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    • We were actually very lucky with the weather. It was surprisingly warm on the last two days, but the first two days were a definite reminder that it’s a cold country and it’s not summer yet!

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  2. Haha this made me chuckle! I don’t think you go for the weather though do you? It looks like a beautiful place to visit whatever the weather.

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    • You definitely don’t go there for the weather! It really is a beautiful place to visit. Apparently a lot of stuff (including Tivoli Gardens) is closed in winter. Tivoli Gardens had literally just opened three days before we were there. x

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  3. Like you we tend to avoid too much heat and Copenhagen is on my to do list for this summer which I think can reach the dizzy heights of 26 degrees on a really hot day! Also there is probably a big difference in temperature just from being near the coast. I always find when I head back to Norfolk that I am suddenly shocked by the drop in temperature compared to London. I am interested to hear it wasn’t that expensive as I had always believed it could be quite pricey.

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    • Some things are definitely expensive, but not everything! 26 degrees sounds nice to me, but it’s too hot for me. We go to Cornwall every year and it’s nearly always chilly by the coast!

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