When you’ve got kids, decluttering needs to be done regularly. Kids grow out of things, their tastes change, things wear out… And they keep acquiring new stuff – even in a family like ours with a ‘no crap’ policy!

I go through the kids’ wardrobes and clear out clothes a couple of times a year. But I admit I’m not so good at the other stuff – the books and toys (yes, because I’m no good at decluttering, they still have toys in their rooms).

Last spring, we went through some little cupboards under my daughter’s bed, because my daughter had run out of space and was keeping stuff on the floor. The cupboards were full of games, jigsaws and colouring books from when she was 4 or 5!

Recently, we’ve been reorganising both of the younger kids’ rooms to create enough space for them to have desks to do their homework. It’s been a mammoth task. I’m lucky that my husband is very good at working out where things will fit, he’s good at moving stuff around and shifting stuff out. He will also happily just pick up a paintbrush and start decorating.

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But sorting out the crap is left to me. And it’s a big job. Because you have to find a new home for everything. Well, nearly everything. There’s no harm in keeping a few special things for the memories (or even for the grandchildren!). If you’ve got the storage space, they can always go away in the loft or the garage for a few years. Then there’s the rest of the stuff…

  • Can anything be given away to younger family members or friends? My niece has seriously benefited from our decluttering over the years.
  • Is anything good enough to sell? I’ve had bad experiences with both eBay and car boot sales over the years, but am going to brave selling stuff again this year because most of my daughter’s clothes are immaculate.
  • What can you give to charity? Don’t forget that a lot of schools have thrift shops for old uniform and school libraries are usually grateful for donations of books. I’ve given a lot of books to school libraries over the years.

You should then be left with little more than rubbish. I’m very good at separating it all out for recycling – to the point of pulling old notebooks apart to separate the cardboard cover from the paper and the metal spirals. This is a big job, but it has to be done properly or it can’t actually be recycled.

If you do all of this, you should be left with very little that needs to go in the actual bin, which is as it should be. And hopefully you will have some happy little cousins, happy charity shops and maybe even a few quid extra for yourself.

But I’m seriously hoping my eldest doesn’t want to declutter his room any time soon…

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I declutter my girls rooms a few times a year….My youngest is a collector or tat and my teen seems to hoard every piece of paper she comes in contact with. lol In the summer my youngest usually has a school fair and I donate everything to their 2nd hand sale….

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    • That is a very good idea! I’ve always given a lot to the Scouts jumble sale, but was disappointed to see how little actually sold, so I may re-think that! I want to know it’s going somewhere to actually help in some way.
      What is it with kids and hoarding bits of paper?!

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  2. It’s a nightmare isn’t it. I have recently trying to do our craft cupboard and it really upset me because I was like they’ve grown out of doing the crafty little things with me now.

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    • Oh no, that is sad! It’s amazing how quickly they grow and change. I’ve been amazed at how long my daughter has been willing to have her Peppa Pig toys on display for, but they’ve finally had to go!

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  3. Oh I’m a massive fan of decluttering but it always takes three times as long as I’m anticipating! I need to go through my wardrobe again now actually. xx

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    • I can just imagine you being a fan of decluttering! I hate doing it, but I know it needs doing regularly and it’s always such a relief when it’s done. I could probably do with going through my own wardrobe too, now you mention it! x

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    • Ha ha, it appears my husband has thrown away something of my daughter’s – it wasn’t precious or valuable, but she’s still annoyed that it’s gone!

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  4. oh my, this is something I really need to do!

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    • Sorry for reminding you! It seems to need doing so often.

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  5. Its always a job I start then instantly regret lol!! It has to be done though when the kids are not at home otherwise stuff they haven’t used in years they suddenly want…!!

    Im slowly going through things at the moment as we hope to be moving home in the not to distant future so its a job that has to be started and completed.


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    • Good luck! There’s nothing like moving house to focus the mind! I must say I always start to regret it straightaway, but I know it has to be done and it’s a relief when it’s finished.

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