Decorating the spare room

The spare room is my office. It has a tiny window and is always full of washing. The bed is very comfy – I’ve slept there when my husband has had a bad cold and the snoring has got too much. It’s a scruffy place, but I like it. It’s mine.

When we first moved into our house in January 2014, we painted EVERYTHING very quickly (so it wasn’t exactly high quality work), but the spare room was low priority. At that time, I was still working in an office and leaving the house three days a week, so my parents were looking after the kids. As kids of that age don’t need loads of attention, they decided to spend some time painting the spare room.

Then I finished work, my parents didn’t need to spend hours at my house any more and the spare room didn’t get finished.

Decorating the spare room, Decor, Clock, Home, Bedroom, Home office

It had one coat of magnolia, when it definitely needed two. The skirting boards and a little cupboard door had one coat of gloss on them. If you’ve never seen one coat of gloss on wood that has been stained brown, you probably can’t imagine how dreadful it looks, but believe me, it does.

But I didn’t really mind the scruffiness of it. We had a word cloud picture on the wall that my sister did for my 40th birthday of everything that was important to me. There was a picture of La Pedrera, which my husband and I had bought the first time we went to Barcelona in the late 90s. And there was a picture of Padstow. Of course. Because Padstow is our second home.

Then at 9.15pm on a Friday evening, while the boys were on Scout camp, my husband said he ‘might’ decorate the spare room. My son had a German exchange boy coming to visit in a few weeks.

Five minutes later, my husband was slapping ‘white mist’ on the walls. Having initially painted everything magnolia, we went for white mist for the kitchen, then preferred it and my husband repainted most of the house in white mist. The spare room wouldn’t be a big job. There wasn’t much furniture to move and it’s only a small room.

Spare bedroom, Decorating the spare room

But the room is an odd shape and of course the gloss needed doing. It took two weeks of evenings to complete. And I had to tackle the boxes and boxes of paper up the corner that I should have shredded, but it was easier to just hoard.

Spare room, Spare bedroom, Decorating the spare room

My husband decided it needed different pictures and a different lampshade. So the union jack went and was replaced by a tasteful white lampshade. My special pictures were replaced by tasteful, generic and very cheap seaside scenes. A mirror which we’d never previously found a home for went up on the wall. A new large wooden clock went up next to the window. My desk was moved away from the window to a different wall, where it seemed to fit a lot better. The room seemed a lot larger and lighter.

And I have to admit it looks a lot nicer. But it’s not just my scruffy room now. Everyone likes it, so it’s everyone’s room.

Spare room, Home office, Decorating the spare room

Considering decorating the spare room was never even on the agenda, my husband has done a very good job and I’m sure future visitors will appreciate not having to share the room with quite so many boxes of paper.

As ever with my husband’s redecorating jobs, there are no ‘before’ photos as the spare room was painted on such a whim. But believe me when I say it looks MUCH better! 

Spare room, Spare bedroom, Home office, Decorating the spare room

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Oh, it looks lovely! I really need to do the same with ours, there will be a lot of junk to get rid of first though!

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    • Thanks very much! With me it was just boxes and boxes of paper! I hadn’t realised how much I’d been hoarding. It was surprisingly easy to make it look like a nice room rather than a tip.

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  2. Wow that looks amazing, you have done a really good job. I must admit that I am a big fan of painting everything white, it makes the rooms seem so much lighter and nicer

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    • Thanks very much! I’ll let my husband take all the credit. It would never have got painted on my watch. Painting stuff white is definitely the way forward!

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  3. I love that your husband decides something one evening and gets straight onto it! I bet the german exchange boy was delighted with his room. It looks really clutter-free and a nice, tidy space. Perfect for working in!

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    • Thanks very much, it’s much nicer for working in now without my boxes of paper! I’m not sure the German boy was bothered, he made it into a right mess! To his credit he left it in immaculate condition.
      My husband always does these jobs on a whim!

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  4. It looks so lovely and fresh and clean. Any chance you’d like to come and do ours? I’m going to check out the white mist colour. And I am such a hoarder of paper and just fill boxes too. It might be my December goal to empty them all once and for all!

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    • Thanks very much! I can’t take much credit for this at all. All I did was clear a lot of paper out! It was all my husband’s ideas and work!

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  5. High five to your husband who just got on with it (can he give my husband some tips lol). It looks very fresh and I bet you love working in it now x

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    • My husband is very good at just getting on with stuff! I don’t know how he has the energy. It is so much nicer to work in – and sleep in! x

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