Project 365 2017 Weeks 29 & 30

It’s been a busy couple of weeks – my daughter’s last week at primary school, the start of the school holidays and an awful lot of packing and unpacking.

Here’s our fortnight in pictures…

Day 197 – Sunday 16th July – my family returned from their camping trip. I’d really missed them. The house feels too big and quiet without them. I’d done a lot of cleaning and tidying while they were away, then got a load of dirty washing and rucksacks dumped on me!

Washing machine, Camping, 365

Day 198 – Monday 17th July – the start of my daughter’s final week at primary school! I spotted this beautiful sunset and went out into the garden to photograph it, then saw my daughter photographing it out of the bathroom window.

Sunset, Sky, Summer, 365

Day 199 – Tuesday 18th July – I’m busy with work this week, which is very welcome. But I’ve still managed to top 400 miles running this year. Which doesn’t actually sound like that much, in some ways.

Running, Mileage, Distance, 365

Day 200 – Wednesday 19th July – my daughter and I went to see my son in a school drama performance. It was very entertaining. I took a photo of these flowers in the garden, which I always think of as being late summer flowers.

Flowers, Garden, 365

Day 201 – Thursday 20th July – my daughter chose this card for her teacher. She said it sums him up perfectly. I walked home with her for the last ever time as tomorrow will be an unusual day. It’s hard to get my head round that after 12 years.

Thank you teacher, Card, Leaving school, 365

Day 202 – Friday 21st July – my daughter’s final day at primary school and my last day as a primary school parent, after 12 years. The leavers’ assembly was very emotional and my daughter was so sad about leaving school, but she still had a good day with a limo ride and tea at TGI Friday’s with her friends. Look how cute she was seven years ago!

Starting school, Daughter, Leaving school, 365

Day 203 – Saturday 22nd July – we got up early to visit our friends in Weymouth. We haven’t seen them for two years, but they’re such good friends it soon felt like we only saw them yesterday. The weather was a bit unpredictable, but we spent some time walking around the town.

Weymouth, Dorset, Boats, Seaside, Marina, 365

Day 204 – Sunday 23rd July – we went home after our flying visit to Weymouth, but not before a beach barbecue breakfast.

Weymouth, Beach, Seaside, Dorset, 365

Day 205 – Monday 24th July – the first day of the school holidays was a pretty boring one. My daughter returned from a sleepover, my younger son went on a sleepover and I tried to do as much work as I could. My daughter tested out this dancewear from Dance Gear (review coming up soon).

Daughter, Dancing, Dancewear, 365

Day 206 – Tuesday 25th July – we went to Mountain Warehouse, which is one of my absolute favourite shops, to get supplies for my daughter for her Scout camp at the weekend. Would you believe I got all of this for £21.57? My son came back from his sleepover and brought his friend with him for yet another sleepover. They also walked over 20 miles playing Pokemon Go.

Camping, Scout camp, Daughter, 365, Mountain Warehouse

Day 207 – Wednesday 26th July – I treated myself to a pack of Harry Potter socks. Today I was in Hufflepuff.

Harry Potter, Hufflepuff, 365

Day 208 – Thursday 27th July – my daughter’s best friend came round in the morning. In the evening we went a walk with Daddy, you’re never to old for a shoulder ride.

Daddy, Daughter, Shoulder ride, 365

Day 209 – Friday 28th July – my younger two kids are off on Scout camp for a week tomorrow, so we got cracking with the packing. Unlike her brothers, my daughter packed a pair of pants for every day.

Scouts, Scout camp, Packing, 365

Day 210 – Saturday 29th July – my kids set off on their Scout camp and I was pleased to say there wasn’t a single tear from my daughter, unlike last time. My husband also set off for London for his Ride London 100 mile bike ride tomorrow.

Son, Daughter, Scout camp, 365

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. 400 miles certainly sounds a lot to me! And what a lot of great school and after school activities you have going on. So good to hear of kids going out and exploring. #365

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    • I suppose 400 miles is quite a lot! It depends if you’re a marathon runner or just someone who runs four miles at a time like me! My kids are ALWAYS busy!

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  2. My daughter left primary school too but my youngest is about to start it in September! So will still be doing that school run!
    Hope they enjoy scout camp!

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    • They were very happy setting off for the Scout camp, so fingers crossed they will enjoy it!
      Wow, another seven years of school runs for you! It will be strange going from the top end of the school right back to the bottom.

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  3. Great photos. You have had a busy couple of weeks. Emotional too with your girl leaving primary school.
    I am pleased to hear your girl went without any tears. I hope they have a fantastic time x

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    • Thanks very much. It was very emotional with my daughter leaving primary school. I was so happy to see her set off for her camp without tears, I wasn’t even sure she would go! x

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  4. There’s been a lot of camping going on over your way! Hope they don’t have as much rain and wind as we had.

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    • Thanks very much! I think there’s been at least one person in our family camping every weekend for about six weeks now!

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  5. gosh at how supple she is in the new dance wear.
    I am a mountain warehouse lover as well and buy a fair amount of stuff in there in a year.
    Nice to have friends you can pick up with after such a long gap.
    Bye bye primary school.
    Love the irony of a fallen sign to warn of falling cliffs

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    • Ha ha, I hadn’t even thought of that about the cliff! My daughter is incredibly supple. She really works at it though! I think Mountain Warehouse is amazing! Everything is such a bargain. We are always needing stuff for camping and hiking in our family.

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  6. You’ve had such a crazy few weeks. Hope scout camp is a lot of fun. I’m sure they’ll both love it and good luck to your hubby for the 100 mile bike ride!

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    • Thanks very much! It has been a crazy few weeks. I’m hoping it will calm down a bit now.

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  7. A roller coaster couple of weeks for you with plenty of emotion thrown in. Glad going off to camp went so well. Your daughter is so flexible – a perfect choice for reviewing dancewear.

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    • Such a crazy couple of weeks! I’m really hoping life calms down a bit now. My daughter is definitely perfect for reviewing dancewear 🙂

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  8. What an emotional and busy week. I hope you have a great summer and that scout camp is going well. xx

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    • Thanks very much! It definitely has been an emotional couple of weeks. I’m sure the kids will be having the best time on Scout camp. x

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  9. My eldest left elementary this year too, but youngest starts in August, so I’m going right back to the start! Sounds like a good couple of weeks, hope the kids enjoy scout camp 🙂

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    • Thanks very much, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks! It will be strange for you going right back to the start of school.

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  10. Wow Sarah you have been a busy bee since the kids broke up, and sounds like you had a great time in Weymouth with your friends. I am guessing yet more camp washing when your younger 2 come back from scout camp. Keep that washing machine going eh x

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    • Oh yes, definitely more washing to come! It feels like everyone else has been busy and I’ve just been doing their washing for them! x

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  11. I don’t envy you that washing and packing/unpacking for camping. R looks so dinky in the photo, I’ve just completed 21 years as a school mum and I really don’t miss it at al, mind you I only had 5 days of getting used to having the tten back before my dad died and life changed so I may have felt totally different, I’ll never know now

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    • Even though I don’t go away much myself in the summer, all our summers seem to be endless packing and unpacking because of the kids going away. There’s been at least one person away every weekend for about six weeks now! My girl was so cute back then! We’ll see how I feel about not having primary school in our lives come September!

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  12. awwwww look at your daughter from her first day at school – how quickly time flies. I cannot believe that Burton only has 3 years left at primary school and then he will be attending a leavers assembly! I hope she enjoys her summer holidays before big school starts. I love that she still sits on her dad’s shoulders.
    I am still catching up on washing from our camping trip – ugh it is never bloody ending isn’t it? x

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