More Parkrun triumphs

My family is still enjoying Parkrun and the triumphs keep on coming, although less frequently than when we first started out (well, apart from recently where they suddenly started coming very frequently again!).

On 6th August 2016, my mum and dad did their first Parkrun! They didn’t run it, they walked, but I was so proud of them for taking part. My dad has become a Parkrun regular now and has started breaking into a jog every now and then.

On 13th August, my sister and brother-in-law did their first Parkrun. Although only in their early 30s, neither of them has done regular exercise since leaving school, so this was a pretty big step. They were accompanied by their two children – one in the buggy and one half-running and half being carried (she’s wasn’t old enough to take part officially). They have also become Parkrun regulars and are gradually improving on their times.

On 27th August, nearly a year after his first Parkrun, my younger son finally achieved his 10 Parkrun milestone. He didn’t run for six months, due to school rugby and a dislike of the cold, then he had a broken toe, a Scout camp and our holiday, meaning he got to run less than he would have liked in the summer. But he got there in the end!

On 24th September, I finally got to see all three of my kids run in a Parkrun 10 milestone Tshirt.

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I seemed to miss more Parkruns than I would have liked over the autumn, due to rugby matches and various things cropping up. But on 5th November, my 48th Parkrun, I came within two seconds of my PB, in a time of 23:25, finishing 104th out of 448, 11th woman across the line and 1st in my age category.

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On 19th November, I finally reached my 50th Parkrun and the coveted red Tshirt. I didn’t smash my PB, but it was a pretty respectable run. I finished in 23 minutes and 38 seconds and was 94th out of 379 runners, the 9th female across the line and 1st in my age category.

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That PB was proving a very difficult nut to crack, but on 17th December I again came within two seconds of it, finishing in 23:25, the 5th woman over the line and winning my age category by a minute.

On 25th December, my husband, eldest and I ran Christmas Day Parkrun. This also marked my 10th consecutive Parkrun – my longest unbroken run of Parkruns. At this rate, I’ll be getting my 100 Tshirt by next Christmas!

On 14th January, I finished 80th out of 455 runners in a time of 23:36. I won my age category, as I usually do and, most importably, I was the third woman across the line! I’ve been third female only once before, when there was about 250 runners.

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On 25th February, after a disappointing week in which I was third in my age category, I was back in winning form. I finished the run in 23:43, was 74th out of 402 runners, 1st in my age category and, most importantly, I was third female overall again.

On 18th March, I FINALLY beat my PB. I won my age category and was 77th out of 423 runners, but, slightly disappointingly, was only the 10th woman across the line.

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Ringing the bell for my PB

And on 25th March, incredibly, I beat my PB again! I finished in 23 minutes and 5 seconds, was 84th out of 448 runners, sixth female across the line and 1st in my age category by a full two and a half minutes!

Also on 25th March, my daughter ran her first Parkrun in a long time. She’d fallen out of love with it, but once she was 11 she could run without an adult. She ran with her two friends and they laughed, chatted and even cartwheeled their way round. It took 39 minutes, but that didn’t matter. All that mattered was that they finished and they enjoyed it.

Unbelievably, on 1st April, I got my third PB in three consecutive weeks! I crossed the line in exactly 23 minutes in 71st position. I was sixth female overall and 1st in my age category.

On 8th April, I actually expected to beat my PB again – and I did! I knocked a further 23 seconds off, finishing in 22 minutes and 37 seconds, finishing 83rd out of 490 runners, 5th female and 1st in my age category.

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15th April was a double (or maybe even triple) celebration. I got all five of us running for the first time in about six months, which is a huge achievement in itself. In addition, my younger son knocked two seconds off his PB, achieving a time of 26:25. And I managed to record an unbelievable fifth consecutive PB . My time is now 22:31 and I finished 95th out of a massive 521 runners. I was 10th female and first in my age category.

On 22nd April, I was very proud of my younger son for knocking over a minute and a half off his PB, with a new PB of 24:51.

On 29th April, my younger son recorded his third consecutive PB – getting a time of 24:07, which is better than his big brother’s PB. Will he match my record and get five consecutive PBs?

I’m very proud of all my family for taking part in Parkrun. It’s great to see not only my kids and husband there, but my dad, my sister and my brother-in-law all taking part.


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  1. It sounds like the park run is something which brings your whole family together! Fantastic!
    Well done to your own family x

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    • Thanks very much! I love that the whole family gets involved these days. Some of our friends do it too, so it feels like a social occasion these days. x

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  2. This is brilliant. I love park run, it’s such a fantastic event. This post really explains what park run is all about – the whole family celebrating their own achievements in the same event.

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    • Thanks very much! That’s exactly what it’s all about! It’s about everyone taking apart, whatever their ability, and celebrating their own achievements. x

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  3. That is incredible, you have been doing amazing. Way to go lovely and for all the family too xx

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    • Thanks very much! I just love it and I love that my whole family get involved too. There were plenty of times over the winter when it was just me running, but they’re all back into it now, which is great 🙂 x

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  4. You are a real inspiration – and it is wonderful to see so many families running at Park run. We haven’t got 10 t-shirts – do you have to send off for them or something?

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    • Thanks very much! I love that my sons, dad, sister and brother-in-law are all doing it now and none of them would have done it if my daughter and I hadn’t started.
      If you click on the kids’ profiles, you should see the link to order the 10 Tshirts (they’re free!).

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