Daughter’s first solo Parkrun

At Parkrun, all under 11s have to run with an adult. Over the nearly two years we’ve been doing Parkrun, my daughter has run with Daddy, her friend’s dad, her friend’s mum and her uncle, but mainly with me. At times, running with her has been difficult.

She wants to run fast and once hit the dizzy heights of a Parkrun in 29 minutes and 30 seconds, but generally she would run at around 35 or 36 minutes. And she hated herself for that. She wanted to run faster. And the more she wanted to run faster, the slower she got. She needed to change her mindset, to just think that she was out running and that was great. It didn’t matter if it took 29 minutes or 39 minutes, she was still getting exercise, fresh air and lapping everyone who was in bed.

But it all got a bit much for her and she hadn’t run Parkrun for a few months. I was hopeful she would get back into it. Of course her dancing is good exercise, but running is a different sort of exercise, which is good for stamina. With the complete lack of PE at her school, I thought a three mile run every Saturday morning would be good for her. But I didn’t push her. I don’t push the boys, so it wouldn’t be fair to push her either. It had to be her choice to run.

Then she turned 11 and she had the freedom to run on her own. Would she enjoy that more than running with me? A friend of hers turned 11 a few days after her. He’d never done Parkrun before as he didn’t have an adult to run with him. He was determined he was going to run as soon as he could. I knew this friend wouldn’t be particularly fast and I also knew he would keep my daughter’s spirits up. They would be the perfect running buddies.

So, along with her best friend, my daughter did her first adult-free Parkrun. The three of them chatted and giggled their way round. They finished in 39 minutes and not once did my daughter worry that she was too slow. It didn’t matter! She was running and getting exercise, while also having fun with her friends. When I looked for her in the distance, I couldn’t see her. Until I saw a blur of small people several hundred metres of way. One of the blurs dabbed and one of the blurs did a cartwheel. That was my girl and her friends!

She felt really happy with herself for having done Parkrun again and is definitely going to stick at it from now on.

As long as her funny friend runs too.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. This is great Sarah! I love that you didn’t push her that she just enjoys exercise for the sake of it and not to beat everyone else. Well done that girl! x

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    • Thanks very much! I’m so pleased that she did it. Her mindset has completely changed again. She now realises she can just do it for fun and for exercise rather than to be competitive. I think she will be running regularly now 🙂 x

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  2. My littlest nephew and sister did it for the 1st time last Saturday and they loved it x

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    • Brilliant! It’s so addictive! Once you start there’s no stopping 🙂 x

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  3. Oh that is brilliant news. And the weather has turned so nice now let’s hope they all keep it up. I have the chocolate run to keep mine keen.

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    • Thanks very much! Her mindset seems to have changed again now and she is back into it. I think she’ll keep it up now. I can’t wait for her to get her 50 Tshirt!

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  4. Oh that’s brilliant! It’s great that she’s back into it and I’m sure they will all get faster together each week. I need to take my daughter to do it again soon, she keeps asking to go but Saturdays tend to be really busy.

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    • Thanks very much. Bless your daughter, I hope she gets to do it again soon! We’ve got very good at making Parkrun our absolute number one priority on a Saturday. Anything else that has to be done has to wait until later in the morning! As it happens, my daughter ran again a week later and thought she’d done badly, but had knocked two minutes off this time 🙂 x

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  5. Well done her!

    I am lucky my son runs with faster adults or he wouldn’t come! Tried to get my daughter running but she isn’t keen.

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    • It’s great that your son has people to run with. You two are the opposite to my daughter and I, as I’m the fast one in our house! It can be hard to persuade the kids to join in. I need to get my sons back into doing it, but they like their lie-ins too much!

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  6. This is great fab! It’s great that she just enjoys exercise for the sake of it and not to beat everyone else. Well done x

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    • Thanks very much! It was so nice to see her running with renewed enthusiasm. I think she’s going to be back to running regularly now 🙂 x

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