Secondary school allocation – she got it!

It’s almost six months since my daughter sat the grammar school entrance exam she’d worked so hard for. It’s almost five months since we received the great news that she’d reached the pass mark for both girls’ grammar schools. But reaching the pass mark is no guarantee of a place.

For many years now, I’d pictured my daughter at a particular girls’ grammar school, although I actually knew very little about it. We all fell in love with it when we visited for an open day last spring.

The other girls’ grammar school had one big advantage for my daughter in terms of its curriculum and would be more likely to be supportive of a child taking time off for panto. Its big disadvantage is that it’s a bit further away and would even involve a short car journey to get to the bus stop.

Round here at least, when you hear that your child has passed for grammar school, they are also given a ranking. Generally speaking, the very top kids will choose the mixed grammar school, then there are the ‘top’ boys’ and girls’ grammar schools, followed by another boys’ and girls’ grammar school just below them. But some kids who gain the top marks opt for a single-sex education and some kids choose the third ranked grammar schools over the second ranked ones because of their location, their curriculum or because a sibling goes there. So you can never be sure which school your child will get until 1st March.

Looking at the figures, it looked likely that my daughter would get into our preferred grammar school. Her ranking placed her with a small, but hopefully big enough, buffer.

I’ll be honest, we’ve spent the last few months imagining her at that school. We’ve talked about what time she will have to get up to get the bus to that school. We just couldn’t imagine her at the other school. But we knew it could still happen.

I reminded my daughter and my husband (and myself!) that we were in a win-win situation. It didn’t matter really if she got the other school. Because she was definitely going to grammar school. The alternative wasn’t a school in a rough area, with terrible GCSE results, bullying and truancy. It was another grammar school.

We weren’t sure what time the offers would be made on 1st March, but it seemed likely it would be midnight. I can’t manage to stay awake until midnight, but my husband can. He woke me to show me the name of the school on the computer.


She’d done it! She was really going there.

I woke at 4.30 and wondered if it was a dream. Had I been mistaken?

I got up at 5.45 and checked. It was really true. She was really going there. I must admit I shed a little tear. I hadn’t thought it had been hanging over me for months, but of course it had. To see it there on the screen on black and white was such a relief.

I couldn’t wait to wake her up and tell her. I was getting more excited by the minute. And she was so happy! I was even more tearful when I saw her reaction.

It’s only when you know that your dream has come true that you realise how long it’s been at the back of your mind, niggling away at you. And now there’s no more niggling. No more uncertainty. We can look forward and know which school she will be going to, which uniform she will be wearing and which bus she will be catching.

My little girl is going to grammar school and I know she will thrive there. I couldn’t be happier!

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Fabulous! I was so pleased when I saw your news on Facebook because I know how much it meant to you both. Sounds like you are totally spoilt with Grammar schools in your area. We have one in a 20 mile radius of our home which as you can imagine has people coming from all over the area and the competition is so high! I hope she thrives there. When you know, I think you know. x x

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    • Thanks very much! I’m sure she will thrive there. Yes, we are rather lucky with the grammar schools in our area. People still travel ridiculous distances to get to them. There are people who travel 50 miles to get to my son’s school! x

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  2. Oh I’m so happy for you and your daughter. I know how hard she worked for the exam and then the wait must’ve been excruciating! When you’re in the middle of it I don’t suppose you realise just how tense you are waiting for a decision. Must be a huge relief for everyone. Well done!!
    We are thinking about grammar schools for our daughter – she has two years left to go at primary school. So I have all of this drama to look forward to.
    Hope you enjoy a little celebration this evening xx

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    • Thanks very much! She really did work hard for it. It’s a weird feeling when you finally found out and you realise you’ve been on edge about it for months!
      Good luck to your daughter with going through the process. x

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  3. That’s wonderful news, I’m so pleased for you all! and the last one of your children to have her place at secondary school, what a strange feeling that must be! I hope she’ll have a wonderful time at the school.

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    • Thanks very much! It is quite a strange feeling to think they will all be at secondary school in a few months. We love our primary school, but I think we are ready to move on from it now. x

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    • Thanks very much! We’re so pleased 🙂

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  4. I was like your husband and logging in at 12.01am on Wednesday. I am so pleased she got the school you wanted, it’s such a relief isn’t it. Even though I was sure Katie would be going to her brother’s school, it was still a relief to see it in black and white. I can’t believe how many grammar schools you have in the area. I don’t even know where our nearest one is. Onwards and upwards as it will be colleges and 6th forms soon x

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    • Eeek! We’re doing the 6th form thing right now! We do have rather a lot of grammar schools round here. I know opinions on them differ, but I think we’re very lucky. So pleased Katie got her school too. x

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  5. Fantastic news, I can really understand your excitement. I’ve seen so many stories of people who haven’t got their chosen schools, it’s just brilliant to hear your news. I hope she loves it there and does really well x

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    • Thanks very much, I’m sure she will! It must be horrible for people who don’t get their chosen schools. x

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  6. This is such wonderful news – you must be so proud, pleased and relieved. I love that your daughter is so excited too. I hope she really enjoys her time there x

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    • Thanks very much, I am so relieved! I’m sure she will love it there. x

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  7. Brilliant brilliant news and it sounds like she’s worked hard for it. What a relief and lovely start to a new chapter! Well done her (and all of you :))

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    • Thanks very much! It’s a real relief, she did so well. She was actually the only girl in her year to get a place at grammar school (although four boys did).

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  8. I’m so pleased for her. And the boys grammar have discos with that school too.

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  9. That is fantastic news. So pleased she got into the one she wanted. xx

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  10. That is fantastic news. So pleased she got into the one she wanted. xx

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  11. Such great news, I can imagine that is a huge relief and I think you are right, she will thrive there.

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  12. Congratulations! I can understand how it can be a worry waiting even if you are reasonably sure.

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  13. Fantastic news, so pleased for you all. All her hard work has definitely paid off and all those bus/timing/etc preparations will be put into practice all too soon. Thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements

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