Buying my daughter’s birthday presents

I’ve always loved shopping for my daughter’s birthday presents and I still do, even though my daughter is nearly 11. It’s so much more pleasurable than shopping for the boys. One of my sons only ever wants money and the other one never knows what he wants, which makes shopping for him challenging.

On the other hand, my daughter normally has a present in mind for herself, plus she’s very easy to buy surprises for.

At the moment, she is a big fan of fitness clothing, which is good for someone who goes to dance classes four days a week, and spends eight weeks of the year working on a panto. The Next Directory has a whole page of beautiful fitness wear and she pretty much wants the whole page (apart from the stuff with unicorns on, she absolutely doesn’t buy into the unicorn thing). She’d also picked out a couple of dresses (she loves dresses, even though she spends most of her life in leotards) and a jacket, which meant I had scope for not just my presents, but presents from other people too.

She told me a while ago about how her friend sometimes gets tickets for shows for her birthday. Then another friend got Olly Murs tickets for Christmas. She thinks tickets would make a really good present and would love to have tickets one day. If she had tickets, she would like them for Olly Murs or Little Mix.

About three weeks after she’d said this, tickets for Little Mix at Gloucester Rugby ‘s stadium went on sale. So that was her main present sorted. AND SHE HAS NO IDEA THE CONCERT IS EVEN TAKING PLACE. She will absolutely burst when she finds out she’s going to a real concert – and Little Mix no less! To be honest, I felt almost tearful watching them at the Brits on TV and imagining how excited my daughter will be.

Of course, Daddy (who is very bad at keeping secrets and gets very excited about presents) couldn’t resist telling her we’d got her a very exciting surprise for her birthday. So she’s spent two months pondering what the surprise might be – and tickets have crossed her mind.

We don’t have the actual tickets yet, so I’ve printed off the email and bought the two most recent Little Mix CDs, Glory Days and Get Weird, so she can learn the songs. We know the singles, but not the album tracks.

Apart from the entire page of the Next Directory, the only specific thing my daughter has asked for is a board thing to help you do pirouettes (turns) in ballet. I’m not sure how it works and whether kids are able to do pirouettes better without it once they’ve learned with it, but for £10 I’m not going to worry too much.

From Next, I’ve bought her a crop top emblazoned with the words Run, Dance, Repeat, which half works for her. Sadly, she’s given up running at the moment. She hasn’t done Parkrun since before Christmas for various reasons, a big one being that she just doesn’t want to do it any more! I hope to persuade her to go back at some point. I’ve also got her a casual dress, while my mum is getting her the smarter dress she wanted.

Pumba, Birthday, Daughter, Next

Birthday mascot, Pumba, checks out the selection in Next

Apart from dance lessons, I’d say reading and books are a special thing for my daughter and I. If you asked her, she would say she doesn’t like reading, but she reads every night and I always read a bit to her. A lot of the books she reads are ones I’ve recommended to her, which I have come across through work. She’s read most of the Jacqueline Wilsons (her absolute favourite), so I’ve bought her a couple of books by her second favourite author, Karen McCombie, including The Whispers of Wilderwood Hall, which is a brilliant book.

To finish it off, I’ve ordered her personalised photo cards from Funky Pigeon, which I do for everyone’s birthdays in my house. I love choosing the photos and putting the cards together. (Sadly, nobody ever thinks to do this for me, they have no idea how much it would mean to me if they did.) Because I had time on my hands, I even ordered photo wrapping paper for her. My daughter takes a lot of pride in the way things look and will really appreciate the time and effort that has gone into selecting 30 photos for the paper, whereas my boys would just look at it in disgust and say ‘What have you done that for?’.

All in all, I’m very happy with my birthday present shopping and I know my daughter will be too.

(And if you know her in real life – please don’t mention the T.I.C.K.E.T.S. to her!)

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Its my daughters birthday next week (16th) and its going to be rather boring as its the birthday of the mobile phone! I have brought a couple of bits and pieces, some smellies, a backpack from newlook, some primark jewellery and pin badges but the big ticket item is the iphone.

    Luckily the grandparents and brothers and other family will buy more fun gifts for her, as she still loves playing with her our generation and American girl dolls.

    Hope your daughter has a lovely birthday.

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    • Thanks very much! We had a bit of a boring one last year as she had a new bike from us, which meant nothing else from us 🙁 She bought her own mobile phone as she’s very good at saving her money!
      Hope your daughter has a lovely birthday too.

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  2. You are going to have one lucky girl on her birthday!
    The tickets are a great idea…I really like Little Mix.
    The board thing to help you do pirouettes sounds perfect for your girl. I can imagine it getting a lot of use.
    I always get my girls personalised cards from Funky Pigeon or Moonpig x

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    • Thanks very much, she’s going to be so happy!
      You’re a good mum to get the personalised cards! 🙂 x

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  3. She is going to be so happy. Like you I could shop for my daughter all day!. For her birthday (and Christmas) I got her some active wear in Sainsbury’s and have been really pleased with it. Good quality with amazing colours for a great price. She also got a turn board (top tip, don’t have a go yourself when you’ve had a glass of wine!) and guess what ….. tickets for Little Mix!! Lots of love to our Doppelgänger family xx

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    • Oh my goodness! That’s amazing that they got just the same!
      I don’t think my big feet would even fit not he turn board. I’ve seen the active wear in Sainsburys and it looks very good. x

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  4. Hi Sarah, I know where you are coming from. I find buying for my daughter a pleasure as she usually knows what she would like and it’s not hard to surprise her. Buying for my son is a total pain, we celebrated his birthday over the weekend and it was the first time ever I didn’t have a clue what to get him and he had no idea either.

    I hope your daughter has a fantastic time seeing Little Mix. Will you have to go with her?


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    • Yes, sadly both myself and my husband will have to go to Little Mix 😉
      Boys are so hard to buy for. My younger son had no idea what he wanted for his birthday in October or Christmas. Luckily my husband had some good ideas and I have one really good idea and he was pleased with all of them!

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  5. Arrrgh Sarah I think she is going to hit the roof with the tickets. I would probably combust with excitement if Z bought me tickets to something like that (more grown up I mean. Obviously. Ahem). You are an awesome birthday present buyer!

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    • Thanks very much! She’s going to be so excited with those tickets 🙂 I’m not so awesome when it comes to buying presents for the boys, although I do try!
      Totally get what you mean about the more grown up 😉 Sadly both my husband and I are being ‘forced’ to accompany her to Little Mix.

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  6. If I knew when your birthday was, I’d send you one of those cards! I did one for my son around a football theme. He made nowt of it. Grrr.

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    • You’re so lovely, thanks! The cards are like water off a duck’s back to my kids, but I put a lot of time and thought into them! I’d like to think they’d miss them if I didn’t do them.

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  7. Oh gosh, I’m surprised she doesn’t sneak a look at your blog every now and then to see what she’s got! The tickets sound like a brilliant call, I bet she will be super excited when she sees them. I hope someone in your family reads this post and makes you a card for your next birthday!

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    • My kids know to never look at my blog – it’s always been the rule! I think they would find it boring. Although I must admit I panicked a bit and wondered whether I’d done the right thing when I hit ‘publish’ on this one! It would be so nice if they made me a card. They just don’t understand how much it would mean to me! x

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  8. What a lovely list of birthday presents for your daughter and I am sure that the tickets will be the most wonderful surprise for her. I love how Pumbaa is always part of your birthday present photos 🙂

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  9. She is going to have a great birthday. So easy to buy for too – love the idea of just buying a page of the next directory.

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  10. I only have girls Sarah as you know so the ‘joys’ of buying gifts for boys has escaped me. This sounds like a fab collection. I had to laugh about the entire Next collection – sounds just like my 11 year old! 🙂

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  11. I love shopping for my daughter too and I got her Little Mix tickets last year for her birthday. By the way you can get fab cards from Ebay where you can put all the concert details in. I have done it a few times where we haven’t had the tickets in time. Katie loves all the active wear too, and I swear she must have the full range from Primark. Hope she has a wonderful birthday x

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