Grade 3 Ballet – Distinction!

Doing her Grade 3 ballet exam only eight months after her Grade 2, meant my daughter and I had to face up to reality.

She might not get distinction.

I’d prepared her (and myself) and reminded her that it was a very short space of time to get up to distinction level and that there would be no shame in getting a merit after working on Grade 3 so briefly.

But then I saw her practising in the kitchen and she was good. Very good.

It’s the strength and control, but also the expression on her face and the sheer beauty of her arms.

Yes, she’d only been working on Grade 3 for a short time, but if that wasn’t distinction, I really didn’t know what was!

I watched her class a few days before the exam and, as I expected, she was the best. There were 10 girls taking the exam and surely at least one of the would get distinction? Surely that would be my daughter?

And then her ballet teacher started talking to me about her making more progress in her ballet. Surely she wouldn’t offer that to someone who was ‘only’ worthy of a merit?

So nearly two months after her exam, the all-important email came, with the all-important word on it.


I must admit, I shed a little tear.

She’d done it again!

A few days later, we were pleasantly surprised to discover that she was the only one out of her class, most of whom had been working on their Grade 3 for two years, to get a distinction.

And her mark? 77% – exactly the same as she’d got for her Grade 2! My talented girl is certainly consistent.

I’m very proud of her for achieving distinction in two ballet exams in one year.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Distinction is so impressive and these things get harder so a massive well done to her. She’s always so dedicated it’s really well deserved x

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    • Thanks very much! It really is well deserved 🙂 x

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  2. Huge congratulations to her, she’s so talented. And as a side note, doesn’t it take an awfully long time to find out the result??

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    • Thanks very much 🙂 Yep, it takes a really long time to get the result! If she hadn’t been ill she would have got the result a week earlier, but it’s still nearly three months! x

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  3. Your girl is amazing! It seems like everything she does she succeeds at. Big style. You must be so proud! Well done her x

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    • Thanks very much. She tries very hard in everything she does. x

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  4. That’s amazing, I can see how proud you are, what a fantastic achievement. It must certainly be a natural talent for dancing that she has, I’m sure she’ll continue to succeed. x

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    • Thanks very much. She does have a natural talent for dancing, which she’s had since she was a toddler. I have no idea where she gets it from! x

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  5. Well done to her. She’s clearly very talented as well as working hard.

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    • Thanks very much. She really does work hard 🙂

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  6. Your girl is amazing. Way to go and what an achievement from the wee star that she is x

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    • Thanks very much, what a lovely thing to say! I’m so proud of her. x

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  7. Well done to her. She must have put in so much hard work.

    It’s all changed a lot since I did ballet. We had pass, pass plus, commended, highly commended and honours, and no medals.

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    • Thanks very much. She did work hard, but she seems to have a lot of natural talent too.
      That was an awful lot of different levels back in the day. I think everyone who passes gets a medal and I think they are different colours depending on whether you get pass, merit or distinction.

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  8. Your daughter really is amazing. I can’t believe some of the girls have been working on grade 3 for two years and your daughter only eight months. I wonder what the future holds for your daughter and her amazing ballet talent.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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    • Thanks very much! She did so well and I was so proud of her being the only one who got distinction. Her teacher has been talking to her about auditioning for the Royal Ballet again, so hopefully that will happen next year. x

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