Project 366 Week 47

It’s been another week of rushing around with panto rehearsals. I’ve also, due to lack of work, done more housework than I would normally do. I’ve even done some gardening!

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 325 – Sunday 20th November – a boring day of chores, but I found time for a quick walk in the morning. It looks like Storm Angus had hit overnight – this flood was across the entire width of the road. My son’s football team won 3-2, after going 2-1 down.

Flood, 365, 366

Day 326 – Monday 21st November – same venue, same table, different book… With one week down, it was time for week two of panto rehearsals.

Panto, Rehearsals, Book, 365, 366

Day 327 – Tuesday 22nd November – I’m pleased to say that my eldest has finally started to take his revision for his GCSE mocks seriously. The downside of this is someone else has to do the hoovering. Someone who hasn’t got a lot of work on at the moment.

Hoover, Henry, 365, 366

Day 328 – Wednesday 23rd November – it feels like I’m just replicating last week’s photos this week. While my work is STILL quiet, I took the opportunity to wrap up more presents.

Wrapping paper, Presents, Christmas, 365, 366

Day 329 – Thursday 24th November – a day of quarter-century milestones for my two favourite bands. It’s 25 years since Freddie Mercury died and 25 years since The Levellers released Levelling the Land, their second album and still their most defining musical moment. I went to see them in Bristol, where they played the album through from start to finish.

Levellers, Levellers concert, Levelling the Land, 365, 366

Day 330 – Friday 25th November – a day of rushing around. My younger son had an inset day, my eldest had to go for blood tests before school and I even found time to mop the floors (something I particularly dislike doing). Apologies for the near-identical photo. Rehearsals were the only time I stopped all day (note that I’m on my third book since rehearsals started!).

Book, Rehearsals, Panto, 365, 366

Day 331 – Saturday 26th November – I wasn’t even supposed to be doing Parkrun today as I was supposed to be taking my son to rugby. But I did find the time to run it and came 91st out of 348 and was especially pleased to be the 7th woman across the line. My son’s rugby team got thrashed, but he played really well and the teacher singled him out for praise, so I’m a proud mummy.

Parkrun, Running, 365, 366

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  1. sorry to hear work is quiet at the moment, is it due to the time of year or because you’re running around after the kids with football, rugby and pant rehearsals? I’m hoping i will have time to do some reading when i finish work, i dont think I’ve read a book in almost a year

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    • The quiet time is definitely to do with the time of year rather than my rushing around. If I have work, I will always fit it in! The rushing around is always outside school hours (well, until this coming week at least!) and I work while the kids are at school.
      I would find it very strange not to read books. I hope you are able to get reading again when you finish work.

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  2. That first photo is fantastic…The reflection is so good.
    Sorry to hear you don’t have much work on at the moment but hooray your son has knuckled down with his revision!
    Ahh! At least you are getting plenty of reading done with the panto rehearsals x

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    • Thanks very much! I was surprised at how well the reflection photo turned out. It’s a relief my son is finally doing some revision. I love just sitting and reading while my daughter is at rehearsals! I won’t need to do it much this week. x

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  3. Oh a good sports weekend for your family! Well done with Parkrun. I agree that Levelling the Land was their best album and I’m very jealous that you saw them! I’m hoping to see them some time soon, really love the Levellers.

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    • Thanks very much! I’m not sure if Levelling the Land is my favourite album or not, but it’s definitely their most defining moment! I’m looking forward to seeing them again at Wychwood next year. x

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  4. Sorry to hear work is quiet, I’m sure it’ll pick up soon. What a great weekend for sports when does yours finish for the season? Well done on park run you are an inspiration. Hugs x

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    • Thanks very much! I’m hoping to get at least a bit more work in before Christmas. Football goes right through until about April, but the rugby tails off a bit after Christmas. x

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  5. Envious of the amount of reading you are doing. Hope the work situation picks up soon.

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    • I get loads of reading done while my daughter is rehearsing! I used the time to work last year, but as I haven’t got any work I just have to read! I know my work books are coming next week (very late this month!) and one of my clients has said he will have something for me in the next few days, so hopefully things will pick up.

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  6. Glad the revision is going well now and hope it continues to do so. Sorry you have to hoover more though. I got given some vouchers from work and I’m eyeing up the hand held sad is that?

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    • We’ve had another blip with the revision, but I’m hopeful that he is actually doing enough. It is a bit sad looking at hand held dysons, but you’ll probably find it’s worth its weight in gold!

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  7. well done on your park run, what a great result.
    So sorry that work is a little quiet, I am sure it will pick up soon. I have a Henry – great hoover compared to the `Dyson we had before, the henry cleans much better i think.
    Good to hear that the revision is picking up, I do not envy him all that and i can still remember having all of my revision to do! x

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    • The Henry is brilliant! We’ve had ours for a long time and it’s far better than anything we had before. The revision is a slow and painful process, but I’m hopeful he’s doing enough!

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  8. Love the reflected trees shot.
    WIsh I could do more reading. I’ve got loads on my kindle but takes me ages to read a book these days.

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    • Thanks very much! I was pleased with how the reflected trees came out. I seem to be reading more and more these days.

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  9. Great running! I often have similar photos appearing as my days can be very samey! I can’t believe the 25 years info about Freddie Mercury & The Levellers?!

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    • Yep, the 25 years is true! The album isn’t to the day, but the tour is to celebrate 25 years of the album and I did actually go to the concert on the 25th anniversary of Freddie Mercury’s death. I heard he’d died on my sister’s 9th birthday. She’s just turned 34!

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  10. Nice to know the revision is being taken seriously. Hope the exams go ok. Well done on the good rugby playing.
    Great that you are making the most of the quiet period by doing the wrapping in case it gets busier soon.
    Oh dear at the storm. hope no serious damage done.

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  11. I love that you casually managed to fit in a parkrun. Glad the revision is being taken seriously, and I must admit I am not looking forward to this next year. Boys and knuckling down to revision could be a hard task. Glad you are getting lots of reading times during the panto rehearsals. And how gorgeous is your wrapping paper. I have done quite abit this week too. How long does it take though x

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