Project 366 Week 46

It’s the week we’ve been waiting for since 2nd January (I’m not even joking) – panto rehearsals began!

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 318 – Sunday 13th November – my daughter has a very busy week ahead, with cycling proficiency at school, a Scout hike and, most importantly of all, panto rehearsals! She got all her kit prepared, but I was slightly worried about how she would cope as she hasn’t been feeling well this weekend.

Daughter. Clothes, 365, 366

Day 319 – Monday 14th November – I’m pleased to say my daughter woke up feeling happy, healthy and hungry, just in time for her big week. Panto rehearsals started today and we were both very excited! I sat waiting with a drink and my (very good) book while she rehearsed.

Book, Panto, Rehearsals, 365, 366

Day 320 – Tuesday 15th November – work is extremely quiet at the moment, so I did something I’ve never done in November before. I wrapped up the small number of Christmas presents I’ve already bought. Hopefully it’ll take the pressure off when I’m juggling Christmas, work and panto in December.

Wrapping paper, Christmas presents, 365, 366

Day 321 – Wednesday 16th November – ballet exams are a big deal in our house, but with our lives taken over by panto, I’ve lost sight of the fact my daughter has her grade 3 exam on Saturday. I thought I’d better stock up on hair nets and hair grips.

Hairgrips, Ballet, Ballet exam, Daughter, 365, 366

Day 322 – Thursday 17th November – this has been my worst week of work in months, so I took the opportunity to do some Christmas shopping. With discount vouchers and 3 for 2s, I picked up a few bargains.

Christmas shopping, 365, 366, Superdry

Day 323 – Friday 18th November – my daughter had to go to school dressed as something beginning with S for Children in Need. Having rejected several ideas because they cost too much or were too much work, my husband came up skateboarder. No work and no cost involved!

Daughter, Children in Need, 365, 366

Day 324 – Saturday 19th November – I ran my 50th Parkrun, which is a big milestone. I didn’t beat my PB unfortunately, but I was happy with my time. The rest of the day will be take up with panto and my daughter’s ballet exam.

Parkrun, 50th Parkrun, 365, 366

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  1. Sounds like a mad week and so organised too with all the present wrapping. I’ve not even started thinking about any presents yet. We always have those superdry bags hanging around our house. My husband loves them!

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    • We had a serious splurge in Superdry the other day. Sadly not for ourselves! I’m feeling pretty smug at starting my wrapping, it’s most unusual for me.

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  2. It sounds like a busy week! I hope the panto rehearsals are going well…
    Good luck to your daughter. I hope she does great in her exam.
    You are so organised for Christmas…..I’ve bought things but not wrapped them yet x

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    • Thanks very much! Rehearsals are going really well. I’m sure she will do well at her ballet exam too. I’ve still got lots more to buy for Christmas, but I’m feeling pretty proud of myself for starting the wrapping 🙂

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  3. Hope the exam goes well for her today and panto rehearsals aren’t too stressful in the weeks ahead. Love that wrapping paper. I’ve done mine too, so much easier to get it all out the way and I can work out what Monkey can have for his birthday and Christmas more easily #366

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    • Thanks very much! I’m feeling confident for the exam. She amazes me how well she copes with all of her rehearsals.

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  4. Wow, 50 parkruns, well done! I hope panto rehearsals are going well and I’m glad she felt better in time for the start of them.

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    • Thanks very much! It was such a relief when she woke up well. She couldn’t have missed her first rehearsal, but it wouldn’t have been good to do it feeling poorly!

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  5. Sounds like a week of contrasts with you being quiet during the day and then all the rehearsals later. Well done on your 50th park run.

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    • Thanks very much! It was a real week of contrasts! I don’t worry too much about being quiet in the day as I felt I needed it to recharge my batteries ready for the evenings!

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  6. you are going to be super busy for the rest of the year then. Hope the ballet exam went well.
    50 park runs is a good amount, well done.
    Love the skate boarder.

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    • I most certainly am! It’s lucky that we love it. I was so pleased to hit my 50 Parkruns and I’m sure the ballet exam will have gone well, thanks.

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  7. Well done on the 50th Park run. Costumes that are simple are so much better and probably more comfortable for kids to wear.

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  8. Wow Sarah well done on your 50th Parkrun. It sounds like you have had a crazy week with the kids, and hope you managed to catch your breath at some point over the weekend. Fingers crossed your working weeks improve, and I am SO impressed you wrapped some presents. I know this is a big deal for you in November x

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  9. Well done on your 50th Parkrun – what a fab achievement. Also quite an achievement being organised enough to be wrapping xmas presents already!!

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  10. that has come around fast – the panto rehearsals i mean. well done on completing your 50th park run , thats great going. and check you out wrapping and buying Christmas presents! I feel very behind this year as usually i have bought a lot more than I have. oh well still a month to go! x

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  11. Well done on your 50th parkrun, that’s brilliant! It hardly seems any time since last years panto rehearsals 🙂 I’m jealous that you’re getting organized for Christmas already. I always promise myself that I will, and it never happens… maybe this year!!

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