Project 366 Week 41

It’s been another busy week, with working away from home, a school open day and a trip to the doctor’s for my son all eating into my regular morning routine. The evening routine has been as manic as ever. I don’t think it’s ever going to ease up!

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 283 – Sunday 9th October – I didn’t go to watch my son play football because my daughter didn’t want to (she never really wants to, but we always make her go!). It turns out this makes Sunday really long and boring. Here’s a photo of some autumn leaves. It still seems like it’s only really the horse chestnut trees which have turned.

Trees, Autumn, 365, 366, Leaves

Day 284 – Monday 10th October – does anyone else do this when they’re busy? When I don’t have time to put things away, I just dump them on my bed. This was a particularly bad day!

Bedroom, Untidy, 365, 366

Day 285 – Tuesday 11th October – up early to catch a train to Doncaster for a rare day working outside the house.

Railway, Train, Work, 365, 366

Day 286 – Wednesday 12th October – we went to look round my daughter’s second choice girls’ grammar school in the morning and I was reminded again that it’s quite difficult to get to! I know she will be very happy there though. I went for a walk later and saw the rainbow before I felt the rain!

Rainbow, Walk, 365, 366

Day 287 – Thursday 13th October – I took my eldest for blood tests in the morning, because it looks almost certain he will be going on Roaccutane. My official Cheltenham half marathon race photo arrived in the post. It’s not the most attractive photo ever, but I like that it shows a determined, strong woman.

Half marathon, Cheltenham half marathon, Running, 365, 366

Day 288 – Friday 14th October – I went to watch my daughter in her ballet school’s choreography concert and she made me a very proud mummy indeed!

Daughter, Ballet, Dance, 365, 366

Day 289 – Saturday 15th October – today was my younger son’s day. He had a rugby match in the morning, followed by his early birthday party, playing football with his friends.

Son, Rugby, 365, 366

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  1. Awesome half marathon photo! Your inspiration has struck and I’ve signed up for one next month! My bed regularly looks likes yours thanks to an untidy husband – drives me potty. Good luck with the grammar school choice and great to see such active children – my boy has asked to stop rugby, think the contact has put him off but it means I have my Sunday mornings back!

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    • Good for you on the half marathon! I must say I’m enjoying just running shorter distances at the moment. My son loves his rugby, but only plays for the school now, so we have Sunday mornings free, although football is at 1pm on Sunday afternoon!

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  2. The only problem with dumping stuff on the bed during the day is when it comes to bed time you have either got to put it all away or dump it on the floor and start again.
    Difficult decision on the grammar school front.
    Nice to see them out and about doing activities, and how wonderful to be picked to dance in the concert.

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    • Her dance was really stunning! I was so proud.
      I usually end up clearing my bed in the evening once the initial rushing around of the day is done. I’m always annoyed with myself!

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  3. Way to go on the half marathon. What a great photo. Yeah my bed is the same. My kids are very active too. Good luck with the grammar school. Have a good week x

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    • Thanks very much! I love my half marathon photo, even if it’s not the most attractive ever! Glad I’m not the only one who dumps stuff on the bed! x

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  4. yep that’s what my bed looks like most days, and it’s only me and hubby at home.hope your son enjoyed his football party, that’s how we used to do it for our kids.

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    • He loved his football party and it was so easy (and cheap!) for us. I think we will be doing that again!

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  5. I love your race photo, it’s everything you said. i’m exactly the same with the bed dumping, which I then totally forget about until the minute I want to go to bed, and then I’m not so happy. Love your station, looks really old

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    • It is a lovely old station. I forget that others don’t look like that!
      Thanks, my husband and sons don’t like my race photo! They don’t know why I would want a photo that’s not that attractive 🙁

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  6. Love that running photo, such a keeper. And I am forever dumping clothes on the bed. Or I fold them up and E will just chuck them everywhere. He makes laundry about twice as long!

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    • Thanks, I love my running photo too! I’m amazed that literally everyone seems to dump stuff on their bed!

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  7. Eek, working away from the house. Scary stuff! I love the hm photo, looks like there’s lots to be proud about in your house this week.

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    • Thanks very much! Yes, it was a pretty good week. I enjoyed my day working away from home. x

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