Year 11

When you have three kids, you become a bit of an expert on parenting.

Weaning, potty training, starting school… we’ve done it all three times. We’ve done starting secondary school twice and are on the road to going through it for a third time.

But there’s always my eldest, blazing a trail. Doing everything for the first time. With him, I’m not an expert. I’m learning as he is.

And so we enter year 11. The big one. GCSE year.

My knowledge of GCSEs and year 11 comes from 27 years ago, when I was in year 11 myself. It was called 5th year then. It was only the third year GCSEs had existed and A*s hadn’t been invented. I’m guessing things have moved on from them.

So how will it be for my son? He ended year 10 with a positive attitude to his GCSEs and school. His year 10 exam results were better than expected, the kind of results we know he’s capable of, but he’s never produced before. And he decided that he’d like to go to grammar school for 6th form. All very positive from a boy who has never made much effort with his education.

He started year 11 by moaning that the teachers had been telling them what an important year it was. What else were they going to tell them? Apparently there hasn’t been any homework yet, but I’m not so sure.

Now’s the time to start working a bit harder – to make more of an effort with his homework and to read round the subject more. He needs to start revising for his mocks in good time. If he does a thorough job, it will be a good start to his GCSE revision. Which he also needs to start in good time.

It’s a tall order for him, but I’m hoping his positive attitude from year 10 continues.

If he tries hard, he should come out with some really good GCSE results. And he deserves nothing less.

(Then I can tick another parenting experience off the list!)

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Very best of luck and here’s hoping he makes the necessary effort!

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    • Thanks very much! I really hope so 🙂

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  2. Best of luck to him for this ‘important’ year! I’m sure he’ll step up to the mark and work hard and get the grades he deserves.

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    • Thanks very much, I really hope so! There were some definite positives in year 10. x

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  3. Wishing him the best of luck…..
    They have started on my eldest already about making the GCSE choices for her subjects. She’s not even been in year 9 a week yet but we will have to get thinking about them as I am sure this year will fly over x

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    • Thanks very much. It’s amazing how they’re always pushing them onto the next stage. I’m sure your girl will make some wise GCSE choices. x

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  4. Such a big year that’s come round so quickly. I hope he gets the grades he needs and deserves for the grammar college and may all his positive attitude and efforts continue x

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    • Thanks very much, I really hope so too! x

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  5. I keep reeling off the ‘important years ahead’ to my teen in year 10. Apparently when my teen does his, the rating all changes. No A*, B, C etc it goes from 9 to 1. Just when you get your head around something it goes and changes. Good luck to your trail blazing boy x

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    • Thanks! I think it changes from 9 to 1 in English and maths for my son. It will take years for parents (and employers) to get their heads round what those grades actually mean! x

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  6. Fingers crossed he continues to work hard. Nice to see presumably geography is a good subject for him! I’m like you, I must have been a couple of years behind at GCSEs, but still no A* when I did them. I’m dreading having to try and help N through exams in years to come.

    Thanks for linking up to #schooldays

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  7. It’s so true; you may have done some things many times but there is always your eldest blazing a trail. There’s always something new to learn with the eldest.
    Best of luck with the Year 11 challenges – I hope he continues to enjoy school and does well in Yr 11

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