Project 366 – Weeks 30 & 31

The summer holidays are now well underway and this fortnight has been one of two halves – one week with my younger son at home and the other with him away on Scout camp. The house definitely isn’t the same without him.

Here’s our fortnight in pictures…

Day 206 – Sunday 24th July – Pokemon Go continues to dominate our lives, in a good way. My son is walking around 11 miles a day searching for Pokemon, which I think is brilliant. The rest of us are spending plenty of time walking with him too. Can you spot the boy in a Pokemon frenzy here?

Pokemon Go, Son, 365, 366

Day 207 – Monday 25th July – I always sort out the school uniforms at the very start of the holidays and today was my day for getting rid of the old stuff that was too small/ ripped/ stained. I also ironed on lots of name labels.

School uniform, 365, 366

Day 208 – Tuesday 26th July – we went to check out Jumptastic in Gloucester for a review visit. The kids had a great time.

Jumptastic, Trampolining, Daughter, 365, 366

Day 209 – Wednesday 27th July – my younger son is going on Scout camp on Saturday, so we’re starting the packing early to avoid any last minute panics.

Packing, Scouts, 365, 366

Day 210 – Thursday 28th July – my daughter is playing Pokemon Go now too. I went a walk with her to get her distances up to hatch her eggs.

Daughter, Walking, Pokemon Go, 365, 366

Day 211 – Friday 29th July – I won’t be running for the next couple of days, so these are my final distances for July. I’m really pleased to have run a lot more than in previous months and am particularly pleased with my two eight mile runs.

Running, Distances, 365, 366

Day 212 – Saturday 30th July – at 9am we dropped my younger son off at the village hall for his Scout camp – Essex International Jamboree. I love this sign on the back of the minibus!

Scouts, Scout camp, Son

Day 313 – Sunday 31st July – the day my husband has been waiting for – he took part in Ride London – a massive 100 mile bike ride through London and Surrey.

Ride London, Cycling, Daughter

Day 314 – Monday 1st August – officially the most boring day of the summer holidays so far – dull, damp, cold, no younger son and nothing to do! But here’s a picture of my husband’s Ride London medal.

Ride London, Medal, Husband, 365, 366

Day 315 – Tuesday 2nd August – another boring day, but I did manage another eight mile run and I finally signed up for the Cheltenham half marathon!

Cheltenham half marathon, Half marathon, 365, 366

Day 316 – Wednesday 3rd August – my daughter went to a drama club for the day, which gave her a break from boredom and me a chance to do lots of work. I was surprised to spot this dragonfly in the garden!

Dragonfly, Garden, 365, 366

Day 317 – Thursday 4th August – I’m loving reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and spent the whole day in a randomised online queue to try to get tickets for the play. I didn’t get any!

Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, 365, 366

Day 318 – Friday 5th August – we had extra teenage boys on a sleepover in the garden. What could possibly go wrong?

Tent, Garden, Sleepover, 365, 366

Day 319 – Saturday 6th August – we had some new members of our Parkrun family this week – my mum and dad! I didn’t manage to get a photo of them, so here’s my daughter running through the shadows.

Daughter, Running, Parkrun, 365, 366

Project 366 is a bloghop. Hop over to see what others have been up to this week.


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  1. Oh wow 11 miles a day walking is brilliant, I like the fact that Pokemon Go is getting people out and about. I’m glad your running is going well and you’ve managed to enter the Cheltenham half too! And well done to hubby for Ride London and to your parents for their first Park Run!

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    • Thanks very much! I hadn’t really realised what an active couple of weeks we’d had until I put this round-up together. I’ve now run eight miles four times and I’m feeling a lot stronger, so I’m really pleased 🙂 Ride London was amazing and I’m so proud of my parents for giving Parkrun a go. x

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  2. Think we are the only people in the country who haven’t looked at Pokemon Go at all, well done though if it’s getting him walking that far in a day. Well done to your OH too on the bike ride and your parents on Park Run. What a fit family you are. Love the dragonfly x

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    • Thanks very much! I hadn’t really realised how much sport and activity there was in this round-up until the last minute. I think Pokemon Go is brilliant for getting kids active, but it’s better for older kids as they can go out on their own and have their own phones! x

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  3. I still don’t get Pokemon Go, but it’s great people are getting out more for it.

    Well done on your running, and your husband’s bike ride. Someone at work did it too. Such an achievement.

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    • Thanks very much! I was in awe of my husband doing Ride London – 100 miles is a seriously long way! Pokemon Go is brilliant. I don’t understand it particularly well, but I know it gets my son really active, so I’m all for it!

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  4. Wow at the bike ride, that is a long way, so a massive well done to hubby. Siblings only fight when together but miss each other when apart.
    How lovely of mum and dad to join you for park run, 3 generations is good going. Shame no Pokemon on the park run, I dont get it either but kids like it.
    The scout bus sign made me laugh, hope he had a good week.

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    • He had a brilliant week, thanks very much, but it’s good to have him back! My husband did brilliantly with his bike ride 🙂 I was very impressed with my mum and dad doing the Parkrun and they’re keen to do it again, which is great.

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  5. Pity about the tickets for the play. It’s been a really active fortnight for you. We have done extra walking too because of Pokemon Go.

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    • I hadn’t realised just how active it had been until I pulled all of this together! Pokemon Go is great for encouraging people to walk more.

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  6. well done to your husband on his bike ride, we will be going to Jumptastic in the week with our daughter and the teen

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    • Thanks very much, he did brilliantly! Enjoy Jumptastic!

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  7. My husband is still going strong with Pokemon Go. I’ve never seen him do so much walking! Did the boys have a good time camping in the garden? I forgot to ask you that. Hope you got some sleep!

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    • In the end we only had one extra boy for camping in the garden. They were in and out of the house until some stupid hour of the morning, but I slept pretty well! Love that your husband is as hooked on Pokemon Go as my son!

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  8. I went to download Pokemon Go today but it’s not compatible with my phone?!! Oh well. Well done on all the mileage – my half training is not so good as I’m not getting out as much I would like. Good luck for your half – the mileage is creeping up well! 🙂

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    • That’s a shame about Pokemon Go! It’s so hard to run in the summer holidays. Even though my kids are older, I can’t leave them alone as they fight, so I have to arrange with my husband to go into work slightly later so I can run.

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  9. Sounds as if you have had a good couple of weeks and 11 miles searching for Pokemon is amazing. Love the picture of the dragonfly and go your mum and dad joining in Parkrun, that is fantastic. We too also went to a local trampoline park last week for a review. Great way to tire the kids out whilst I had a coffee in peace lol x

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  10. well done to your husband on his massive bike ride – that is amazing, you are such a fit family! Your son walking all those miles looking for Pokemon, and all your running miles too! Plus your parents joining in with the park run. and then you sign up for the Cheltenham half marathon – you put me to shame!
    that is a great shot of the dragonfly. xx

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