Midnight Sun by Jo Nesbo

I’m a huge fan of Jo Nesbo and his Harry Hole novels. But earlier this year I read Blood on Snow, a stand-alone novel which doesn’t feature Hole and I found myself a little underwhelmed by it. I thought the story was too short and lacked substance, so I was in no great hurry to read any more of his stand-alone stories. But when you see one for £1 in a charity book sale, it would be rude not to, right?

So that’s how I cam to be reading Midnight Sun. The book tells the story of a reluctant ‘fixer’ (hitman), who has cheated his boss, the very dangerous gangster known as the Fisherman (who also appears in Blood on Snow), so he has to go on the run. He escapes as far away as he can, to an isolated corner of Norway, so far north that the sun never sets. There, he takes refuge in a shepherd’s cabin and meets a young widow and her son, Knut. Will the Fisherman’s men track him down?

This is another very short book (only 214 pages), yet, unlike Blood on Snow, I really enjoyed it. Nesbo’s Midnight Sun is a complete and, to my mind, very satisfying story. I loved the unlikely bond between Jon and Knut. There’s also a very sad back story to Jon, which made him much more human than your average literary hitman.

Maybe it’s because I read it over the course of just 24 hours which meant it worked much better for me? There’s less gore than in your average thriller and this is essentially a very nice story about love and friendship. It is well worth a read!

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Haha you’re so much like me! I can’t resist a book by one of my favourite authors in a charity shop either – despite knowing that I’m unlikely to manage to read it for ages. I’m glad this book was better than the last one. Sometimes I quite like a short book because at least I have half a hope of getting to the end before running out of time!

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    • That’s a good point about short books! I’m slightly regretting reading a long, heavy-going one over the summer holidays as it takes me much longer to read when the kids are around. I’ve bought a couple of books second hand by favourite authors recently and I’m always pleased to have made a saving! 🙂

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  2. Ooh I might download this. I’m looking for my next read. I need to read the other one you’ve recently talked about…and I’ve forgotten what it was called. Arrgh!!

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    • That was After the Crash, which is absolutely brilliant! This one makes a pleasant, quick read.

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  3. I’m glad you enjoyed it and what a bargain!! Thanks for sharing with #ReadWIthMe

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    • Thanks very much, it was a real bargain! 🙂

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  4. I’ve had a Jo Nesbo on my Kindle for ages and have never got around to reading it. Your review has convinced me to move it up my list!


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    • You definitely should! I absolutely love Jo Nesbo, he’s definitely one of my favourite authors.

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    • A definite bargain! I think your other half has very good taste! 🙂

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