Parkrun triumphs 2016

Following our earlier post on Parkrun triumphs, here’s another round-up of my family’s Parkrun achievements.

On 12th March, my husband told me he was going to beat my PB. This must have been like red rag to a bull because somehow I found it in me to beat the PB I’d held for five months by a whole 44 seconds, achieving a time of 23:34. I was 79th runner out of 379 and the eighth woman across the line. I beat my husband by a minute!

On 26th March, both my husband and eldest got new PBs – my husband got 24:04 and my son got 26:41. He’s aiming to get down to 24 minutes by the end of the year. At the rate he’s growing, I don’t think that will be a problem!

On 2nd April, I was back to winning ways. I didn’t run as fast – equalling my previous PB, at 24:18, but I did win my category and was 7th woman across the line and 85th overall.

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On 9th April, my husband smashed through the 24 minute barrier, coming within four seconds of my PB. Now the challenge is to stay top runner in the family! Failing that, I will have to play the age/ gender card (you get a percentage score based on your age and gender and mine is much higher!).

On 16th April, I broke the 24 minute barrier again. Although 15 seconds short of my PB, I was particularly pleased to have been third woman across the line!

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On 23rd April, my husband, son and I all got PBs! When my son started out, he was running at about 30 minutes and I told him he ought to manage 27 minutes. He got 25:19. Sadly, my husband beat me for the first time with 23:01 and I got 23:23. I think getting under 23 minutes could be a realistic target for us now.

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On 7th May, my younger son joined my daughter and I at Parkrun. It was only the fourth time he’d run, the last being about six months previously. All through the winter he’d said he would run when it was sunny and he was true to his word. Even better, he ran in a time of 27:04 – beating his previous PB by 2 minutes and 23 seconds!

My boys are going from strength to strength with Parkrun and both achieved PBs on 14th May. After weeks of messing around at around the 30 minute mark, my eldest is finally running at the pace you would expect of a tall 14 year old boy. On 14th May he ran in 24:31 and was 3rd in his age category. My younger son achieved 26:29 and was 5th in the age category. Here he is ringing the PB bell.

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My husband is in training for the Ride London 100 mile bike ride, which means he’s getting fitter. On 28th May he got yet another PB and was the first member of our family to break the 23 minute barrier – in a time of 22:54.

My daughter set her PB of 29:31 last autumn, but, ever since the panto, she’s struggled to get anywhere near that. In recent weeks she’d been running at between 35 and 37 minutes and it was making her unhappy. On 4th June, she ran with her best friend and completed the course in 31:18, coming 304th out of 400. She was so happy!

I usually come first in my age category when I run on my own (under 11s have to run with an adult, so sometimes I have to run with my daughter), but I’ve never really thought about what that means. On 2nd July I came first in my category as usual, and was sixth woman across the line. When I checked, I realised there were actually 29 women running aged between 40 and 44, so beating them all is quite an achievement!

I was very proud of my boys on 9th July as it was the first time they’d run without either of their parents being there. Even better, my eldest got another PB. He hit 24:17, so he’s now less than a minute off my PB!


Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Wow, some amazing achievements! I haven’t forgotten that I said I’d come and run with you some time. I’ve had a bit of a running blip due to two holidays and my husband having another operation. But I’m back on it now, I’ll do Worcester park run in a few weeks for a time check, then I’ll come over to you when I’m confident there’s a sub-23 minute run in me and we’ll push each other and beat the men with a bit of team work 😉

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  2. Cor! You speedy lot! Those are all amazing times. I agree that parkrun is brilliant for bringing your running on and I love seeing kids (and dogs!) at ours. Unfortunately I’m usually at the back of the pack, both in placing and timing. A sub 30 is a distant dream at the minute. Maybe one day!

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  3. Good to see those PBs gradually getting better. It must be great to see the children getting into it and improving their performance.

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  4. What a competitive family you are, but it’s good that you’re using that to spur each other on – and the competition between you and your hubby is fierce
    It’s great that the children have also set themselves goals and are watching their PB times get better over time. Running is a good hobby to have. I’ve just started again after (too) many years!

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  5. WOW! Congrats, you are all amazing! I am not a fast runner, so my best for 5km is probably 26mins…… soon will start training for another marathon 😉 #FitnessTuesday

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  6. What an impressive family! Well done. It’s fantastic that you all run and compete with each other. I am doing the Couch to 5K and it’s not going very quickly. I am on week 5 and I started at Christmas!! However, I love it and it gets those endorphins moving so I’ll stick at it. Really enjoyed reading your post as always. #LoudnProud

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  7. wow congratulations lovely. I love reading about your achievements. You are inspiring x

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  8. Wow those are amazing achievements and well done to you all on doing so well with Parkrun. You clearly all enjoy it and I love the way the friendly rivalry helps spur you on to keep improving and getting new PBs 🙂 #loudnproud

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  9. That’s really impressive. It’s nice when the whole family gets into an activity, isn’t it? That way you can all sort of inspire each other to do well 🙂 #loudnproud

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  10. It must be so nice to all enjoy running and get out there for Park run. It’s also handy you’ve got the PB challenge to win! I’m definitely not a runner and never will be.

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  11. I love that there is a PB bell!! I think that Parkruns are amazing and I love the way it gently encourages you to get better. R loves them, he is having to do them on his own at the moment but he usually finds someone he knows to run with and he loves the atmosphere there. Well done to you all for your PBs, it is great that you can all do it as a family and encourage each other

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