The growth spurt

After nearly a year of telling me he was taller than me when he very clearly wasn’t, my eldest final overtook me in the summer holidays last year. AND HE HASN’T STOPPED GROWING SINCE.

He now towers above me and is definitely closer to his dad’s size than to mine (and his dad is 6′ 1″). I’ve noticed that he’s taller than a lot of men now. He’s noticeably taller than my 5′ 10″ sister and scarily close to my 6′ dad. Suddenly, from looking his own age – or slightly younger than his age – nobody can believe he’s only 14. He’s outgrowing shoes and trousers constantly. I’ve started buying him men’s Tshirts and hoodies in medium rather than small.

Him and his brother were always pretty much the same size – my younger son has always been tall for his age and a bigger build than his brother. They were so similar that people used to ask if they were twins! There’s no risk of that now. My younger son looks TINY compared to his giant of a brother.

His shoulders are twice the width they were a year ago and he’s so heavy! He’s still slim, but his weight is suddenly that of a man, not a boy. He kind of knows it, but kind of doesn’t. He likes to run at me at full pelt to try and scare me. He leans hard on me and his grandparents in some strange show of strength.

He wants to wrestle all the time and his favourite opponent is my dad. At 71 years old, my dad puts up a very good fight and, remarkably, the two of them are evenly matched. At the moment. I yell at them to stop because I fear one will break the other and I don’t know which way round it will go.

At some point recently, and I really couldn’t tell you when, his voice broke. I expected to notice a definite change, but I didn’t. Sometimes, kids’ deep voices take you by surprise, but his voice isn’t that deep. It’s definitely different though.

It’s been fascinating to watch how quickly my little boy has turned into a handsome young man.

I’m sure it will slow down soon, but I guess there’s still a fair bit of growing to go – and a lot more shoes and trousers to replace!

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. He’s definitely compketelt shot up and the pic from last year shows the difference this year. He’s SO tall now and he’s still got years yet hasn’t he? 🙂

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    • He really is very tall now! It’s weird to see that he’s taller than men all of a sudden. He’s changed so much in the last year. I suppose he’ll start slowing down soon, otherwise he will be VERY tall!

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  2. This happened to my brother too, isn’t it funny how boys grow so suddenly? My brother matured quite quickly when he started work as well. Boys just don’t take their time over anything do they?

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    • It’s crazy the way he has suddenly shot up. When he was little he was always small for his age, then he spent many years being average. It’s strange to see that he’s now so tall! x

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  3. I remember my eldest two having their growth spurts. Cost us a fortune! Little man is six and he’s already 4ft 2″ so I’m expecting him to be a skyscraper like his dad – definitely doesn’t get his height from me as I’m a dwarf sized.
    I love that picture – the way he’s got his arms outstretched as if he’s protecting them. Love it.

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    • It certainly is a costly business! In the last few months he’s gone from age 14 trousers, to age 15 and now age 16. Somehow he just doesn’t look 14 any more!
      Sounds like your littlest man will be a very big boy!

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  4. I am having the same problem with R, he is only 12 but almost as tall as me and all of the trousers he insisted on buying recently suddenly look a bit short. It is amazing when they suddenly become men, kind of scary too. You will get used to it though and they do stop growing eventually.

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  5. Aww bless, it’s incredible how quickly they can grow in such a short time. What a lovely lad he is xx

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