The crutch

Right now, my daughter can’t walk very well. The cold foot incident left her limping. She walked slowly and uncomfortably. It was tiring for her. I had to carry her a lot. Luckily, she’s pretty light and I’m sure that being a dancer helps her arrange herself in a way which makes her perfectly balanced and easy to carry.

But I worried about how she would cope when she went back to school. There would be nobody to carry her. One thing I was sure of, she was going back to school after half-term. In herself, she was well. Even the nasty cough had stopped. She just had a painful foot which made it difficult to walk and turned as cold as ice several times a day.

The day before she went back to school, she had a check-up at the hospital. To be honest, this doctor was more thorough than the paediatricians she saw originally. The latest thinking is it’s a nerve problem caused by the virus. She had blood tests (we don’t have the results yet) and will have a scan (we don’t have the date through yet and I’m so desperate for it to come).

And I asked if she could have a crutch. The physio showed her how to walk with it and she did pretty well.

But it fills me with sadness to see it. My little girl. My amazing dancer. Hobbling along like an old lady.

And the endless stares and questions.

‘What have you done to yourself?’

Nothing. She’s done nothing.

When you’re a kid, breaking a limb is cool (yes, it’s also painful). You’ve broken a limb because you’ve done something brave or strong or cool. Even breaking a limb because you’ve done something stupid is kind of cool. Because stupid equals funny. A story you can tell for years to come.

But having your big toe attacked by a virus? Not so much.

She’s attended every one of her dance lessons this week. She’s sat and watched. She’s too dedicated to miss them. She thinks she’ll be dancing again next week, but I just don’t know.

We don’t know anything. We haven’t been given any indication of how long it will last or if there’s anything we can do to stop or mask the pain (ibuprofen doesn’t touch it).

I know it’s not life-threatening. I know it could be A LOT worse. But it still makes me sad to see my fit, healthy 8 year old girl walking with a crutch through no fault of her own and with no indication as to when it will be better for her.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I’m glad she can get our and about and sincerely hope it goes really really quickly but what a nasty virus and one that has lingered for so long! Wonder if some Physio could be the next step?

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    • Thanks. I’ve wondered that too, but I’m not sure if it would even work for a nerve problem 🙁

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      • I’m currently living with something called CRPS in my wrist, originally caused by a sprain in November. It’s partly nerve related and I have to say that the physio/hand therapy is slowly working. It’s not traditional physio but graded motor imagery. And I take vast amount of painkillers too.

        I hope you find something to help her soon, and that she’s back to full fitness x

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        • Thanks very much. That sounds horrible, but I’m glad your treatment is working! I think my daughter could do with some painkillers, because then maybe she’d be able to dance! x

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  2. Sorry to hear that your daughter is still suffering. Here’s hoping she makes a full recovery and can return to dance classes very soon x

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    • Thanks very much. She can’t wait wait to get dancing again! x

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  3. Oh poor thing. I think I mentioned before that Betsy has a similar thing when she was younger – a nasty virus that went to her hip joint- she couldn’t walk either, luckily she was only 4 so not too heavy – it took a couple of weeks but she was soon back racing about – hope the same is true for your little girl xx

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    • Poor Betsy, I do remember that. Thanks very much. I really hope it’s going to run its course soon – it’s already coming up for two weeks since the foot started hurting and over two weeks since she first got ill. x

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  4. so sorry Sarah to hear she is still struggling with her foot. From experience I know how worrying it is when your child suddenly can’t walk for no reason and how heartbreaking it is to see them in pain.

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    • Thanks very much. I know how tough it has been for you and your family over the years and this experience has given me huge respect for parents caring for children with long-term conditions. x

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  5. Aww what a poor wee soul that’s awful. I hope you get to the bottom of it soon and she’s back to her lovely self. Hugs x

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    • Thanks very much. I’m really hoping it either runs its course soon or we get some answers. x

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  6. I do hope this gets sorted out soon, but good to see that she is fighting it rather than letting it stop her completley

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  7. Poor thing must be gutted to be missing out on all those dance classes! Really hope she’s back on her two feet again super fast xx

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  8. I hope she is able to dance again soon. She did look like she was doing really well at just getting on with it.

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