Goodbye pink bathroom?

I’ve been waiting for over two years, but, if all goes to plan, it could be very nearly time to say goodbye to my horrendous pink ensuite bathroom. If I’d seen this bathroom in someone else’s house, I would have been horrified. Yet it’s in my own house and I use it every day.

Sometimes, I look at it and I wonder how I have managed to live with it for so long, but needs must! The main bathroom and the kitchen had to take priority, so we just had to carry on using the pink bathroom as more and more bits of it broke.

PicMonkey ensuiteCollage

The plan is to replace it in the spring and I CANNOT WAIT. Spring is just around the corner, so the works could be a matter of weeks off (I’m crossing my fingers hard at this point) and it’s time to start thinking about decor.

I love our upstairs bathroom, but it is rather stark and clinical. I want something warmer and more calming for the ensuite. I’m thinking muted greys and maybe not the metro tiles we’ve got in both our kitchen and our upstairs bathroom. I don’t think I’d be brave enough to go for anything other than a white sink and toilet though – we’re getting rid of a coloured bathroom suite, we don’t want another one!

PicMonkey newbathroomCollage

We will definitely be getting rid of the bath. Nobody in our house has a bath and, if for any reason they do want one, there is a perfectly good bath upstairs.

If all goes to plan, there won’t be a single thing recognisable from the pink nightmare bathroom in the new and improved bathroom. We will be getting a heated towel rail instead of the rusty radiator, a lovely powerful shower and a lovely tiled floor instead of the nasty lino. Nothing at all will be broken and that horrible shower curtain we’ve never bothered to cut down will most definitely not there.

Just thinking about it makes me really excited. Keep your fingers crossed for me that it really does happen soon! More than two years with the bathroom from hell is enough.


Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Ohh! Good luck! I hope it happens soon for you….That bathroom suite really is hideous. It sounds like you have some great plans x

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    • Thanks very much, I really hope it’s going to happen this spring! The bathroom is horrendous, isn’t it? x

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  2. Oh hurray!!! I can’t wait to see what you pick and watch it all come together. Bet it’ll be soooo nice when it’s all done.

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    • Thanks very much, I can’t wait! I have a picture in my head of how I want it too look, I just have to persuade my husband that my ideas are the best this time!

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  3. I really hope you get to say goodbye to your pink bathroom soon Sarah. I am sure it will look amazing whatever you go for. I would love my own en-suite where no kids (or husbands) are allowed…. wishful thinking x

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    • Thanks! I’m really hoping it will happen in the next couple of months. It’s so grim that there’s not much demand to use it by the kids or even the husband! x

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