February half-term

No guitar lesson, contemporary dance, ballet or Scouts on Monday.

No tutor or Explorers on Tuesday.

No choir, rugby or street dance on Wednesday.

No tap dance or tutor on Thursday.

(Remarkably, we don’t have anything on Fridays anyway, thank goodness!)

No rugby on Saturday.

No football on Sunday. Oh, wait a minute… Well, one out of 13 ain’t bad.

I wonder why I like half-term so much? A bit of a rest for me and the mum taxi. Bring it on!

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Enjoy it! No half term here – we have to power right through from the start of school in the New Year until spring break in mid-March..

    Mind you, I think our regular weekly routine is much less exhausting that yours. Swimming in Tuesdays, that’s basically it for the kids (though we have adult soccer 2-3 nights a week and the gym for me twice). We’re slackers 😉

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    • That is a long time without a break! Our kids only did swimming up to about 6 or 7, but have been adding activities ever since! We have adult football once a week and no gym! I have just given up dance lessons myself because the kids’ activities are getting too much.

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    • Thanks very much 🙂 x

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  2. It’s soooo lovely to just stop for a bit isn’t it? I really should get out of bed now and at least make breakfast 🙂

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    • Ha ha, definitely! We really needed to slow down a bit.

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  3. I’m so with you on this. It kind of feels weird though doesn’t it? My house is so quiet this week as I’ve only got on child. Weird!

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    • That must very weird to only have one child! I have the full quota here, but I’m enjoying the break.

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  4. Enjoy your break! With my own three kids, I too find myself rushing off to some activity or another. Our term has just started and we have a full on schedule of sports and music, and oh, Major exams this year!!!

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    • Oh dear! The exams scare me – that’s next year for us. Good luck in surviving them!

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  5. Sarah your poor car will be sat on the drive feeling unloved and abandoned this week. Phew no wonder you look forward to half term so much, you really deserve that rest. We actually had karate and cubs on this week, but on the plus side we had 2 hours kid free on Monday evening. Whoop x

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    • Wow, that sounds like a good break! We never have Scouts or dancing in the school holidays and it’s a relief! x

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  6. Cool mum taxi, Sarah! Your schedule sounds even worse than mine – I have that to look forward to I’m sure. We’ve all been ill with flu this half-term so been a bit miserable. Thanks for all your comments on my blog, I really appreciate them. I’m sorry I’m not as regular as you, I’m struggling a bit at the mo as have just taken on a bit of freelance work and it’s a shock to the system! Hope you enjoyed your half-term. x

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    • Oh dear, that really does sound miserable having flu!Our schedule has gradually grown over the years to a point where it is now almost out of control! These things seem to get worse the older the kids get.
      You’re welcome about all of the comments! x

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  7. Ha ha, yes I know exactly what you mean! With L bing poorly, I think we have had one of the quietest half terms ever (apart from me rearranging the house). We did still have a couple of evening clubs and R did two days of rugby camp but it is all so much easier when they aren’t at school. I’m not looking forward to tomorrow.

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