They’re back

They’re back.


Excited. Full of tales and chatter.

A bit browner.

A bit thinner and more muscular.

Hair a bit longer.

A lot dirtier and a lot smellier.

(They’ve each showered twice in 12 days.)

Weighed down by rucksacks full of clean clothes that need washing anyway.

Suspect my younger son has worn the same socks for 12 days.

Eldest admits he’s worn the same shorts and the same boots (including for a THIRTY MILE hike the leaders didn’t believe he would manage).

They’ve had the best time (even better than the year 6 residential, according to my younger son).

They’re back from Scout camp.

And I couldn’t be more pleased to see my boys.

(Apparently they’re going again in four years.)

Rucksacks, Sons, Scout camp


Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Yay! Love when they turn from being away – although our max here is three nights away still in the same county on a school residential! Enjoy the washing 😉 x

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    • Thanks very much! There’s certainly a lot of washing! It doesn’t matter how far they go or how long they’re gone for, it’s always nice to have them back!

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  2. oh bless them , its such a relief when they are home and have had an amazing time. I bet they are tired though.

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    • Thanks! It was a real relief. I thought they would probably be having a good time, but was slightly worried that they wouldn’t be (and I was missing them!).

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  3. So glad they are back home safe and sound. Don’t you just love boys wearing the same clothes for days on end. I can imagine those shorts were walking to the washing machine. Bet they had lots of tales to tell you all x

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    • Thanks very much! They certainly did have a lot tales, bless them! I don’t know how they could bear wearing their clothes for so many days consecutively. x

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  4. So lovely that they had such a good time! Am I too old to be a scout?! It sounds like a lot of fun! x

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    • I thought the same -and I don’t even like camping! Maybe we could all become Scout leaders! x

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    • Exactly! Thanks 🙂

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    • It’s brilliant to have them back home 🙂 It’s remarkable how much washing can cram into two rucksacks! x

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  5. Oh I bet you’re buzzing too mm that they’re back! Glad they had an amazing times and I bet you’ll be hearing about their tales for the rest of the summer
    Enjoy August now they’re back xx

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    • Thanks very much! I’ll be making the best of the holidays now they’re back. My younger son literally hasn’t stopped talking since he got back – it’s so lovely to hear all of his stories.

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  6. Oh I’m so pleased you’ve got them home safe and sound. A 30 mile hike though? Amazing!

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    • I know! Incredible! I think it took about 13 hours, but what an achievement!

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  7. They must have had some brilliant adventures to have come back like that!! Hope they’re still filling you in on it all!

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    • They had a brilliant time, thanks. My younger son particularly is still telling me about it now 🙂

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