Project 365 2015 Weeks 28 & 29

It’s been one of those fortnights which, excuse the cliche, can only be described as a roller coaster. Every day, I’ve felt like I’ve had less and less time to get a grip of anything.

Here’s our fortnight in pictures…

Day 186 – Sunday 5th July – with her brothers on Scout camp, my daughter got to choose what to do today. First we took the guinea pigs to church (it was a service for pets), then we went to the outdoor swimming pool, despite the fact that it was only 20 degrees and cloudy.

Swimming, Daughter, 365

Day 187 – Monday 6th July – anyone else find it annoying that they take loads of nice photos at the weekend and can only post one, then end up posting a rubbish one on Monday? It’s a year since I started Roaccutane. If I’d known that I would go to hell and back on it, I never would have touched it, but I’m still on it now as it’s the only thing that will make me better.

Roaccutane, Acne, Istotretonin, 365

Day 188 – Tuesday 7th July – I started the day thinking I didn’t have much work on. Then a big rush job came in. This is the pile of paper on the floor after I’d finished proofreading it at 11pm!

Paper, Work, Proofreading, 365

Day 189 – Wednesday 8th July – our 15th wedding anniversary! We have a bit of a tradition where most years we go to London for the day to see a show. This time it was The Book of Mormon, which was hilarious and highly recommended (if you’re not easily offended).

Book of Mormon, Theatre, Wedding anniversary, London, 365

Day 189 – Thursday 9th July – we went to see my son’s brilliant leavers’ play.

Leavers' play, School, Primary School, year 6, son

Day 190 – Friday 10th July – my younger son’s SATs results came out. It’s safe to say, I was very pleased with them.

SATs, Year 6, Son

Day 191 – Saturday 11th July – I stepped way out of my comfort zone and went to work. On a Saturday. For a very long day. At a hill climb event. As you do. Here’s a work toilet selfie to prove it – check me out in my branded polo shirt and lanyard!

Work, Chateau Impney Hill Climb, 365

Day 192 – Sunday 12th July – another very long day of working at the hill climb. It was great to be out of the house and working with human beings, but I was exhausted at the end of it. This is the Beast of Turin which broke the land speed record in 1911 and gives off flames as it drives!

Beast of Turin, Chateau Impney Hill Climb, 365

Day 193 – Monday 13th July – I was very happy to be at home working slowly and quietly as I was so tired from the weekend. My daughter brought this lovely piece of Tudor-inspired pottery home from school.

Artwork, School, Daughter, 365

Day 194 – Tuesday 14th July – a lot of work and a big school uniform shop while M&S had 20% off. It’s remarkable how much uniform three kids need, even though two of them are staying at the same school.

school uniform, school, 365

Day 195 – Wednesday 15th July – school sports day!

Sports day, Son, School

Day 196 – Thursday 16th July – I managed to run eight miles for the first time since last year – it’s time to get in training for this year’s Cheltenham half marathon.

Running, Training, Trainers, 365

Day 197 – Friday 17th July – the last day of the school year and my son’s very last day at primary school!

Leaving school, Son

Day 198 – Saturday 18th July – after a crazy couple of weeks, it was time to catch up – with work, with blogging and with cleaning (yes, I really do have a bathroom as horrible as that!).

bathroom, cleaning, 365

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  1. Hopefully the roacutane will stop very soon, it has made a huge difference. Is your working out going to be a regular thing? I can’t imagine not wearing a lanyard 🙂 we need one more deep clean in the kitchen at our place I think!

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    • I’ve never worn a lanyard in my life before! Working away from home isn’t going to be a regular thing. It’s OK for one-off days, but I’m dedicated to being at home! Good luck with your final deep clean!

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  2. Yes! I always seem to have the best photos over the weekend….I think it’s down to the kids being at school during the week so we make the most of our weekends….School holidays now though! Hooray! I have them all day every day! Eek!
    Fab photos! What a busy couple of weeks….

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    • It certainly has been a busy couple of weeks! I’m hoping life will slow down a bit now. So glad it’s the school holidays 🙂 x

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  3. That swimming pool pic is fantastic, and your sports day looks like a lot of fun. It really is mad just how much uniform kids get through isn’t it?! #365

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    • Thanks, I love that swimming pool pic too 🙂 It is crazy how much uniform they all need.

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  4. I love the pottery piece – so talented. Once I’ve done my 10k tomorrow and get paid next week I’m entering the Bath Half – I can get ready for that by March yes?! Love the idea of a musical for each anniversary – sounds amazing 🙂

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    • Thanks, I love the pottery too! You most definitely can get ready for the Bath Half by March – good luck! That was my first half marathon in 15 years 🙂 I did it in 2011.

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  5. Love the pool shot Sarah! Belated anniversary wishes, what a great way to celebrate. The monkeys would love that Beast of Turin at the Hill Climb! I hope things calm down a bit now! x

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    • Thanks very much! I love that pool shot too 🙂 The Beast of Turin was incredible!

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  6. It always panics me when I see other people getting ahead and buying uniform – argh! Mind you, my eldest is still wearing the same skirts I bought her in year 7, 4 years later! Loving that pool photo – you are brave. That piece of pottery is pretty impressive too, lovely colours 🙂 x

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    • I always buy my uniform early! I’m not organised with many things, but I am with school uniform. My eldest needs bigger trousers every year. Thanks, I love the pool photo too. I think even my daughter realised it was too cold!

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  7. Love the pottery. You’re not the only one who has loads of lovely pictures some days and then none the next. The event looked like a lot of fun.

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    • The hill climb was fab, although sadly I didn’t get to see any cars racing. I was really impressed with the pottery, but my daughter didn’t like it!

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  8. I am so with you on the taking lots of lovely pics at the weekend and then rubbish ones during the week. Happy Anniversary and well done on the SATs results.

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    • Thanks very much! It’s a nightmare when you have to choose between lovely pics at the weekend, then you realise you’ve taken one crap picture on a weekday!

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    • Thanks very much! He did very well 🙂

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  9. What a busy time! I have a day a week where I usually forget to take a photo! I hope you had a great anniversary, and that you have lovely summer holidays. Kaz x

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    • It was a very busy couple of weeks! It’s so much harder taking photos when you’re working – because you don’t have time and there’s nothing nice to take pics of anyway! Thanks 🙂

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  10. lovely photo of your daughter jumping in the pool, hope you’ve managed to catch up this week

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    • Thanks! I love that pic too. I’m slowly starting to catch up, thank goodness!

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  11. Thanks very much, they’re very brave! We had a lovely day, thanks.

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  12. Yes I find that as well, lots of good pics some days and others struggle to take anything decent at all.
    Glad you enjoyed the working outside of the house, have to say I enjoy my job ( but then I enjoyed being a mummy when my kids were young as well)
    20 degrees is more than warm enough for an outdoor pool, very few days in Scotland we get above that, what a great picture of her jumping in, and how nice for her to have you to herself.

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  13. What a busy couple of weeks! Love the pool photo, great action shot! Glad the show was good for your anniversary, we haven’t managed to do anything special for ours for ages! Hope you’re having a quieter week this week x

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