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I’ll be honest, I felt a bit sad before sports day this year. Maybe because it was two days before my son’s final day at primary school. The last days of primary school tend to have that effect. Or maybe it was because neither my husband, mum or sister would be there to support the kids. But I generally wasn’t feeling great about it.

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The day always starts with a non-competitive bit. Before you all groan, it’s actually really good fun. There are about 30 activities – throwing and catching, hula hoops, skipping, press ups, little obstacle courses etc etc. The aim is to do as many as possible because for every one you do you get a signature on your sheet and the more signatures you get the more points you earn for your house. So you can be the world’s worst at sport, but you are still helping your house to win. Plus all the kids get out of breath and work up a sweat, regardless of ability.

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Then it’s onto the big one. The competitive bit.

My daughter had been excited about this bit for weeks and weeks. I think she had talked about it over breakfast and on the way to school every day for two months – endless speculation on who would take part in what race and where they would all come. When she started speculating on year 3 boys, who I don’t know at all, I slightly lost the will to live. But she loves it and she’s competitive and that’s a good thing.

My son was in the year 6 boys’ sprint. There are eight kids in the race – two from each house. My son should have come second or even first. He WAS coming second or even first, but then his face changed and he started hopping. He staggered over the line in tears. But he’d still come third.

The poor kid has got a long-term injury to his left foot. It appeared in March – in a week when he did three rugby tournaments in a week and he’s been suffering ever since. Three rugby tournaments in a week is just too much for a boy who will always push himself as hard as possible. He’s been having physio for the last couple of months. It will get a bit better, then it will get worse again. And when it gets worse, the pain is so bad it makes him cry. He collapsed onto me in tears. My big, cool year 6 boy let me, and his sister, kiss and cuddle him in front of the whole school. But he refused an ice pack and a chair and limped back to his team.

There are a lot of good runners in my daughter’s house. So many that she wasn’t picked for the sprint. She was third fastest in her year, but the two fastest were both in her house. So she ran the relay. As the fastest in her team, she ran first. She didn’t get the quickest start, but she gained on the girl coming first and then she overtook her, making it first to the changeover. They dropped back a bit, but not too far, with the second and third runners. Then the fourth runner picked up the pace and they won their relay!

Not many minutes later, she represented her house in the year 4 ‘long distance’ race. The long distance race is not very long distance at all. It’s basically a circuit of the field. I would be surprised if it’s any more than 200m. For a 9 year old girl, that’s too far to sprint, but it’s definitely not a long distance race. It was only ever going to be a two horse girl race. Her best friend is an awesome long distance runner, who has got her Parkrun time down to an incredible 26 minutes – that’s just a minute slower than me for running three miles.

I told my daughter to pace herself and not take off too fast – all she needed to do was keep pace with her best friend and then sprint at the end. My daughter’s best friend isn’t a sprinter, just like my daughter isn’t a long distance runner, although she at least tries. As predicted, they left the other two girls for dust. Oh, and did I mention the four BOYS who were nowhere to be seen? As they came up the final straight, my daughter’s sprinting ability kicked in and she pipped her best friend at the post, but they were both brilliant and it was so good to see them give each other a really good race.

With the kids all done, there was only one race left for our family to do. Yep, the mums’ race. I’m the first to volunteer for the mums’ race every year and I come second every year. I would so desperately like to come first, but, like my daughter’s friend, I’m a long distance runner, not a sprinter. Sheer fitness can only take me so far. For the first time ever there were a lot of mums volunteering. So many that they had to split it into two heats. Maybe I shouldn’t have raced the mum who beat me last year, maybe I would have won the other heat. But I came second again. At one point I thought I could catch her, it was close, but it was never going to happen. (But as a dad who actually WON a local half marathon came fourth in the dads’ race, I didn’t feel too bad.)

And so I came away buzzing, not feeling sad at all. I was so proud of my daughter for her two wins and not even my son’s injury could take that feeling away.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. It sounds like you all had a fantastic sports day….I hope your son is ok!
    It sounds like your kids did you proud! x

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    • Thank you very much, they certainly did! It was my daughter’s best ever sports day. My son is OK for now, but he keeps aggravating his injury – he just won’t rest! x

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  2. It looks like you had a fabulous sports day at your school, It looks like the weather was on your side as well. It’s a shame your son’s foot played up half way through the race, it’s great that he still came 3rd though, what an achievement on a foot that hurt so much he cried. I’m sure your daughter was please with her relay team for using the advantage she gave them to win, and her long-distance race win must’ve been a happy moment for her too. Well done to you too, it’s great that you got up and ran the race too, 2nd’s fab for long-distance runner doing a sprint! Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

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    • Thank you! The sports day would have been the best ever if it wasn’t for my son hurting himself, but he did bounce back! My daughter was over the moon with her long distance win. She’s already planning next year’s!

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  3. That sounds like a really well organised sports day. And well done on 2nd place. I hoe your son’s injury settles soon, these things can be awkward (not to mention painful) can’t they.

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    • Thanks very much! It was fab. The injury has been niggling for so long. I think he needs to rest it, but he never will!

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  4. How’s your son’s foot? Erh, Miss 7 just fractured/ broke (not sure yet) her arm… You just want them to be able to do it all without the injuries! 🙂

    Sounds like a fantastic day though!

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    • Ouch! That’s not good. Hope she’s OK now. His foot has settled a bit, but he just keeps hurting it again!

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  5. A family of runners. Who’d have guessed that? Hope your boys ankle mends itslef swiftly. Here’s to next year’s mums’ race.

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    • Thanks very much. I don’t know when his foot will settle, it’s been niggling for months.
      Oh yes, we all love our running in this house 🙂

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  6. Sports injuries are always the worst because kids just don’t want to rest them when there’s games to be played and competitions to win. Hope his foot’s better soon.

    Well done you your daughter for her wins. Sounds like she’s ambitious and confident in everything she does which is brilliant. And fab result on your mums race. I’m hoping our school doesn’t do those – now if it was 3 legged race, I’ve got past history of doing well in those with the right partner!

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    • Three-legged race sounds ace! Lots of schools do mums’ races, but nobody is forced to take part.
      My son is a nightmare with that foot as he just won’t rest it.
      My daughter is so ambitious and determined in everything, it’s brilliant.

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    • We certainly did! That is disappointing not to have a parents’ race! If memory serves me correctly, they didn’t have one in the infants at our school, but they do in the juniors.

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  7. That is the thing with injury they will come back to hunt you. This is whats happening to me when I run. the injured ankle would get hurt.

    I am so glad that your son finished his event in spite of the said injury.

    Congrats to your daughter!

    Another lovely sports action read. Its like I am there watching the event =)


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    • Sorry to hear about your injury, it’s no good when they keep playing up like that.
      Thanks very much, love that you say it’s like you’re there watching! Was so proud of how well my daughter did.

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  8. Sounds like a brilliant sports day, I like that they have a competitive and non-competitive part. Well done to your son and daughter!

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