What am I doing now?

Thanks to the fantastic Sonya Cisco aka Rock ‘n’ Roll Mum for challenging me to share with you what I’m doing now.

Currently I am: really testing what it means to be a freelancer and work at home mum. I love it, but it can be quite hard getting the balance even when the kids are at school, but when they’re at home it’s a whole different kettle of fish! Working early in the morning is good, but sometimes the work isn’t there then. Sometimes it comes just when the kids are up and ready to do something. This is when, sadly, the TV and Xbox become my friends.

Reading: not as much as I’d like, because I would happily sit and read all day, every day and never be bored, but there’s just not the time. At the moment I’m reading The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, which is a massive book. I’m really loving it. Donna Tartt only produces a book every few years, but they’re always worth the wait. Expect a review at some point, but don’t hold your breath!

The Goldfinch, Donna Tartt, reading

Listening to: again, not as much as I’d like. I used to enjoy listening to Radio 1 driving to and from work. It was great to discover new music, which I downloaded to listen to alongside my old music – from The Levellers to Queen to Keane. I still put the radio on in the mornings, but my listening gets disturbed by kids, packed lunches and loading and unloading the dishwasher. So the main time I listen to music is when I’m running and for some reason I appear to have activated an invisible button on my phone which says ‘play 90% Take That and Robbie Williams’. Now I don’t mind Take That and Robbie Williams, I downloaded them after all, but I like lots of other stuff too and would like to hear some of that from time-to-time.

Laughing at: I love a good laugh at a TV comedy, although isn’t the television rubbish at this time of year? Currently I’m mainly laughing at Friday Night Dinner and 8 out of 10 Cats do Countdown. I am also slightly embarrassed to admit that my kids stumbled on first Come Fly With Me then Little Britain on Netflix (it’s because they like David Walliams) and have been watching them repeatedly. I know it’s not appropriate, especially not for my daughter, but I reckon the damage is done and it makes them laugh, so they keep watching. It makes me laugh too – as do my kids’ very accurate Vicky Pollard and Marjorie Dawes impressions!

Swooning over: kitchens and bathrooms. Our kitchen is hideous and essential things like the sink and hob don’t work properly, so we’re planning a nice new one in the spring. I’d also really like to get our en-suite done as that’s awful too, but I think I’ll have just have to keep dreaming and swooning.

Planning: see above! It’s all house and garden related. The garden still needs some more work and there’s lots of things to sort in the house. We will get there, slowly but surely.

Eating lots of: Green & Blacks, as ever. Also lots of fruit and vegetables as ever, so it’s not all bad. As I’m running long distances training for my next half marathon there are days when I pretty much eat non-stop!

Discovering: what it feels like to have both of your sons away at the same time on Scout camp (although they’re back now!). It’s something I’m just going to have to get used to as it’s going to keep happening. It feels quite relaxing for the first day or two, then it feels like a massive hole in my life all the time.

Looking at: our new guinea pigs – either up close or through the window, I just can’t take my eyes off them! They’re so cute and funny. After so many years without pets, it’s lovely to have them.

Guinea pigs, pets

Wearing: my usual Superdry! I’ve ditched the hoodies for a while as the weather is so warm and I’ve even had to ditch the checked shirts most days. The shorts have even made an appearance on occasion!

Cooking: the same old crap, mainly involving the freezer. We had a brief period when we were slightly more creative and made things like chilli, but people are always in and out of our house and it’s so rare for everyone to eat at the same time that cooking almost seems pointless.

Wondering: why they don’t hold the grammar school entrance exam in July rather than September, so families don’t have it hanging over them all summer.

Trying out: Roaccutane – to see if I really can cure my acne once and for all!

Roaccutane, acne

Well that’s it from me, now to challenge some more bloggers to let us know what they’re doing now. I tag:

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Please join in if you would like to, ladies! Thanks.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Thanks for joining in, great answers! I keep meaning to get The Goldfinch, and oh my, I am getting SO little done while the kids are home, luckily I can just pop it on the back burner mostly although I do have a couple of bits that are work not pleasure blogging to squeeze in at some point this week!

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    • Thank you, and thanks for the tag! I’ve got some work this coming week and it does worry me about how I’m going to fit it in with the kids, but I’m sure I’ll find a way! The Goldfinch is definitely worth a read!

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  2. I’ve just read The Goldfinch, it was one of those books I was sad to finish. Good to read your comments about working freelance – I have been thinking about it for ages, must make a decision one way or the other.

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    • I was kind of forced into it by redundancy – it was voluntary redundancy, but taken because there wasn’t really a job left for me. I have no regrets at all! I am lucky in that I have the redundancy money behind me and also that my husband earns a reasonable amount, which takes the pressure off.
      I am loving The Goldfinch – it paints such a vivid picture.

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  3. Ha ha loved that you’re cooking ‘the same old crap’! Made me laugh out loud! This is quite a difficult one but I’ve seen so many others doing it and would like to join in….at some point (don’t hold your breath!). I might be able to do it when on holiday next week, we’ll see 😉 x x

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    • Don’t worry, it took me nearly a month to do!
      I wouldn’t be me if I suddenly announced I was cooking actual, proper food, would I? And what would be the point with my lot?

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  4. It’s lovely to learn so much more about you. I’m also struggling with having my daughters at home even though they’re 19!
    Love the guinea pigs… they are so cute. I imagine the kids are pretty happy about the latest additions to the family.

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    • Thanks very much. The kids are loving the guinea pigs, but I suspect I may be loving them even more!

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  5. I am always fascinated by the books that you read, you have quite an eclectic taste don’t you? Those guinea pigs are really cute, I can see why you are fascinated with them. We have a new thing in our new car which attaches to my phone for music and it too always seems to play Take That – what a coincidence?! Thanks for the tag, I will try and do this post at the weekend

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    • I do have quite eclectic taste in books – basically I love reading and will pretty much enjoy anything I read, but my preference is for literary novels (apart from my Jo Nesbo obsession).
      Are Take That secretly taking over the world?!

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  6. I hope the Roaccutane works for you lovely. A good side affect of GAPS is that it’s cleared up my skin (pcos related acne). Sounds like freelancing and school holidays are a tricky old mix!! You could do a lot worse than Take That 😉

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    • Thanks very much, so far, so good with the Roaccutane! I had a very ‘clean’ diet for years (it’s still pretty good now) to try and control my IBS. Sadly it had no effect on either my acne or my eczema.

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  7. Thanks for the tag, but after doing a 2 week digital detox over our holidays to France I’m now pulling right back at least until school’s back. I loved it far more than I ever imagined possible. Sorry to be a party pooper! Funnily enough it means I’m doing lots of reading (of books) which is great! How are you getting on with the Roaccutane? xx

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    • No worries! Glad the break went well. I don’t join in everything I’m tagged in anyway, it’s just not possible. Must be great to be reading more books. The Roaccutane is going really well, thanks 🙂 x

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