SQOOM review – the end of the line

Regular readers will know I have been testing out SQOOM, a nifty little skin care gadget, for the last few months. It has been a really interesting experiment in trying to rid myself of eczema and acne and I’ve really appreciated the opportunity to give it a go. You can read about my SQOOM journey here:





What started out as a six week trial ended up as a nine month trial, which saw my acne get better, then worse, then better again. I abandoned the eczema treatment and discovered SQOOM is really good at anti-ageing. Sadly though, while it was making me look younger, it was making my acne a lot worse.

So I took advice from the experts and tweaked the treatment and took it right back to basics – no anti-ageing and just treating twice a week. This was great from the point of view of not taking up too much time and also had benefits for my skin. I wonder whether upping it to every other day might have made my skin even better – or whether it might have been too much trauma for my skin, which is clearly quite sensitive.

While I did the treatment, I was never brave enough to come off my prescription medication until right at the end. I continued using Zineryt antibiotic lotion on my skin, apart from the evenings when I actually used the SQOOM. I also kept using Limecycline antibiotic tablets, but I still had very bad (and painful!) spots on my back. I concluded that as my face was getting better, but that my back was getting no better, there was no point in taking the tablets any more.

So about six weeks before I finished the trial, I came off the Limecycline.

This is what I looked like at the start of the trial – with freshly washed face and no moisturisers or lotions etc. You can see a couple of nasty looking spots on my chin.

I didn’t specifically take any photos of my face when it got really bad, but this is a snap of how I looked earlier this year. It wasn’t good! I’m rarely self-conscious about my spots, but for a couple of months earlier this year when I looked like this, I was quite bothered.

A few weeks ago, my skin looked really clear. Sadly it has now got spottier again (although nothing as bad as it was when it got really bad, thank goodness). I don’t think a picture of me right now at the end of the trial would really do it justice. My skin was virtually spot-free for a while, but now it isn’t.
I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to test the SQOOM for such a long period of time. It did have an effect on my skin, although it didn’t cure it completely. Maybe with a bit more tweaking of which gels used, how often and on which programme, it may have done even better. 
Having suffered from acne for 28 years, it was never going to be easy to cure. But it was certainly interesting to try! 

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Well done you for trying Sarah. As you know I can completely empathise. It is so hard to find the exact balance and combination of treatments isn’t it? Hard to know what is affecting which part of your skin. Sounds like it had some good effects though, and hats off to you for sticking with it and coming off the tablets etc. That really take courage xx

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  2. Thanks, dragonfly. I think there may be a solution there somewhere, but I still haven’t quite found it! I figured the tablets weren’t doing me a whole lot of good since my back was still bad, although coming off them might have been why my face got worse at the end. It’s all a mystery!
    I’d started thinking about roaccutane again, until I saw it was a factor in a teenager’s suicide. Nothing is worse putting yourself at that sort of risk.

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