Saturday is school play caption day!

This is me back in 1990 starring as posh Lady Helena in our 6th form production of The Gut Girls. And don’t I look stunning?

That hat caused much hilarity. My fellow thespians had a special name for it – The Turd. I’m not really sure what I did to offend the make-up lady either, come to mention it.

Can you caption the posh bird with The Turd on her head?



Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. The rain in Spain fall mainly on the plain….
    I’ve heard the turd,falls mainly on the bird….

    *chuckles at the photo – you look so well-to-do*

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  2. Thanks, everybody 🙂
    I think all well-to-do ladies wear turds on their head, don’t they?!

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  3. MMmm think I will wear this clubbing…..I am sure to pull a millionaire

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