Low maintenance?

I’m pretty low maintenance. I don’t wear make-up and I don’t get my hair done. I’m just me – pretty much the way I was created.

But despite this, I do seem to have a fairly exhaustive (and exhausting) list of things I do to myself before I go to bed. My husband just walks upstairs and drops into bed, but I have rather a lot of things I need to do:

  • I shower (obviously)
  • I wash and condition my hair (but only every three days)
  • I comb my wet hair with leave-in conditioner and leave it to dry naturally
  • I wash my face in Clearasil and put prescription spot lotion on
  • I moisturise my face and body
  • I dab some eye gel stuff on my eyes, just in case it helps to keep them looking younger
  • I brush my hair
  • I brush my teeth
  • I floss my teeth
  • I use mouthwash
  • I do about three minutes’ of physio exercises to keep my knee working while I’m training
  • I moisturise my feet to keep them working while I’m training
  • I rub Ibuprofen gel into my tennis elbow (this is obviously a short-term one)
  • I put nail varnish on (every two or three days – yes, I know I said I don’t wear make-up, but I DO wear nail varnish – you may see me with greasy hair in a ponytail or wearing jogging bottoms, but you will NEVER see my with unpainted nails)
  • I put prescription steroid cream on my eczema-ridden hands.
Just a sample of all the stuff I need to keep myself looking half decent

All that to keep myself clean and presentable. I dread to think how much work people who actually CARE about their appearance need to put in. Do you people ever make it to bed at all?!

And now I’ve committed myself to an extra 12 minutes every other night on my routine. The SQOOM needs to be used for 12 minutes to work. I’m going to try to use it while I’m watching telly so I don’t get too bored.

I was lent a SQOOM unit and given gels for acne, eczema and anti-ageing to help my skin and for the purposes of this blog. I am not receiving payment for the reviews and all opinions are my own.

Currently SQOOM is only available from Harrods Pharmacy or online at www.sqoom.com The starter pack costs £529 for the device and two gels. Gels retail at £79 and last approximately two months.


Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Nice to have a bit of luxury time at the end of the day. I use REN body cream, utterly indulgent but can’t climb into bed without it x.

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  2. Sounds good! A friend of mine reviewed some of that stuff on her blog. My products are all very basic, but somehow they all seem necessary! x

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  3. My husband is the same, cleans teeth, hits the bed. I don’t seemingly have that much more to do, but it takes about three times as long.

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  4. It’s not fair, is it, Luci? How can they do these things so quickly? Thanks very much for commenting.

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  5. I’m a wash and go type of person too and it still seems to take me ages to get out in the mornings! I do wonder sometimes how on earthen people who straighten their hair, put lots of make up on and a bazillion jewellery pieces actually manage to make it out the door!

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