Royce Lingerie Sports Bra review

I wore my Royce Lingerie impact free sports bra for the first time when I ran the Cheltenham half marathon My husband said I was taking a risk, wearing something for the first time when I was about to run a 13 mile race. And I could see his point. But it’s a sports bra, for goodness sake! How uncomfortable can it be?

Well, I’m pleased to say, it felt every bit as comfortable as it looked and I had absolutely no problem with my Royce Lingerie sports bra during the race – or on any of my runs since.

I tested the new my first sports bra otherwise known as impact free petite, when aimed at grown women like me! It’s available in sizes 30-36 and cup sizes A-D.

It has a clever cross over back, which holds everything very securely (not that there’s a lot to hold in securely in my case!) and no less than four sets of clips, so you can adjust it and get it fitting perfectly. It’s made of cotton, which feels soft and comfortable.


The main differences between this and my previous sports bra are that it has no adjusters on the shoulders and that it’s padded. The lack of adjusters on the shoulders surprised me, but as it fitted perfectly I guess it must just fit to your shape. No falling down straps here! Falling down straps are THE WORST when you’re running. Imagine how irritating that is over 13 miles!

The padding surprised me as I don’t really see why you would need padding when you’re running. This was the one area of the bra which didn’t fit me as well. I wear padded bras for every day, but didn’t really see why anyone would want a padded sports bra. But I guess if you’re self-conscious about being small (which I’m not) and you’re in a gym or exercise class a bit of padding might give you added confidence.

You may wonder why someone small even needs a sports bra, but apparently breasts bounce up to 21cm during exercise – sideways as well as up and down! Breast don’t contain muscle, so all that jigging around can lead to irreparable damage. And saggy boobs.

Royce lingerie is an entirely wire-free range (not just their sports bras, everything!). The impact free sports bra range, when it’s not in my its my first/ petite form, goes right up to a K cup! Apparently it’s the only British sports bra that does.

You can order Royce lingerie online at

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Bounce up to 21cm?? Oh my god that’s almost a ruler worth!! Falling down straps have to be the most annoying thing ever.

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  2. I can’t imagine bouncing a whole ruler’s worth! Falling down streps really are a nightmare 🙁

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  3. Thank you so much for your detailed review. Even non-runners know not to try something new on race day but I’m so happy it worked for you. What a testament to the bra. I am considering carrying this style in my shop. I hope it’s still working well for you.

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