Saturday is Legoland peekaboo caption day!

It’s a sad day. My hilarious 1990s photos have come to an end.

I thought the SatCap cupboard was well and truly bare.

But then I discovered a new and untapped resource! Legoland photos!

What’s my little girl up to here?


Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. “I’m staying here!!! I’ll never Lego!!” (Geddit ;))

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    Sorry for the lack of inspiration there – all I could think was leggo and it’s been done already!

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  3. Thanks very much, everyone! The ‘Lego’ is genius and you got in so promptly, Tas! Totally agree she nicked the best idea, Mammasaurus!

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  4. Very true, Em! Stepping on Lego is the worst! Thanks very much for commenting 🙂

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