Hetty’s holiday

At the end of August, we went on holiday to Padstow in Cornwall, my favourite place in the world. We took Hetty, our nine month old cockapoo puppy, with us.

But unfortunately, as we’d booked our holiday before we knew we were getting a dog, we didn’t have dog friendly accommodation. So Hetty went into kennels nearby and came out with us every day. You can read more about her kennels experience here.

Hetty loves being in the car and was very good all the way to Padstow.

We then spent a few hours walking round the town with her and she was in her absolute element. She absolute loves meeting people and dogs, and all the different sights, sounds and smells. While me and the kids moved our stuff into the holiday house, my husband selflessly sat in a pub with Hetty.

Then it was time for her first night at the kennels.

The next morning, we took her to the beach at Rock, which includes a short ferry ride. She loved playing on the beach. As she can’t be trusted not to run away, we initially kept her on the lead to chase balls, but then we braved letting her off.

Hetty, Beach, Padstow, Rock, Cockapoo, Puppy

She loves chasing balls and is getting better at bringing them back. Having two balls to throw means she stays more focused, as there is no time when she doesn’t have a ball to chase. If she started to get distracted and looked likely to run off, we just got her focused on the balls again. And if that didn’t work, we put her back on the lead for a few minutes.

After half an hour of playing with balls, she was covered in sand, even on her tongue and her nose!

She liked the sea, but didn’t love it. She realised quickly that it didn’t taste nice, which I’m glad about. I’ve heard about dogs being sick after drinking sea water and I didn’t want to have to deal with that!

Strangely for a dog who loves to dig up the garden at home, she wasn’t that interested in digging at the beach. But she was very happy to have her first ‘doggy ice cream’.

Hetty, Puppy, Doggy ice cream, Holiday, Cockapoo

Nearly all of the beaches in the Padstow area are dog friendly, apart from Trevone, which used to be our favourite. Polzeath allows dogs on the beach before 8am and after 6pm.

The next day, we took Hetty to Harlyn beach. We didn’t sit down, as the weather wasn’t great, so we just had a walk with lots of ball throwing.

We saw an identical cockapoo on a lead. The owner said she couldn’t let her off as she has no recall. This made me very happy as Hetty has no recall either! We very rarely let her off the lead at the park at home, because she just runs away and won’t come back.

My husband threw the ball at some rocks. It rebounded off them and Hetty had great fun climbing up the rocks to get it. It was remarkable how easily and quickly she could get up there on her little legs.

Unfortunately, four poos in quick succession showed the results of two days of eating sand and swallowing sea water, but she seemed fine apart from that.

Because we couldn’t take her into our accommodation, Hetty spent a fair amount of time in a pub. All the pubs and shops in Padstow are dog friendly and there are dogs EVERYWHERE. Hetty is very well behaved in pubs. She will either sit on our laps or under the table. She won’t even beg for food, as we’ve never given her food from the table at home.

Hetty, Puppy, Cockapoo, Cockerpoo, Pub, Pint, Holiday

Hetty is a very chilled dog, so she is equally happy on a walk, in the car or just standing around on the lead – like when we went to Adrenalin Quarry (one of my least favourite places in Cornwall, but one of my daughter’s favourites!).

Parents of teenagers will know that they don’t tend to keep going all day like younger kids can. They like to have a break in the middle of the day just to sit down and look at their phones. With Hetty not being allowed in our apartment, this was more difficult. The kids usually snatched half an hour in the afternoon, while I sat with Hetty in the car in the car park or took her for a quick walk.

Hetty had a lovely time on her first holiday and we had a lovely time with her, but not being able to take her into the accommodation was difficult. We’ve already booked a dog friendly house for next year!

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. It sounds like you all had a wonderful holiday, including Hetty! It sounds like she behaved really well. It is really good how most of Padstow is dog friendly. x

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    • Thanks very much! She definitely did have a wonderful holiday. It is such a dog friendly place! I wonder if other seaside destinations are quite as dog friendly? x

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