The new bathroom and our ONE mistake

Regular readers will know we recently got our ensuite bathroom done after a very long wait. Our old bathroom was horrible and virtually un-useable – the toilet didn’t flush and the shower had only one temperature (boiling), it had become somewhere used only for brushing our teeth and washing hands and faces.

We were determined to get our new bathroom right. And we really did. It is beautiful.

But we did just make one small mistake which is really getting on my nerves. Heated towel rails are a really good idea. But unfortunately, our heated towel rail isn’t actually a heated towel rail, it’s just a very nice-looking, shiny radiator. In the winter, it will dry the towels.

But in the summer? No chance. I really dislike trying to dry myself with a damp towel after a shower. Or trying to dry my hands or face on a towel which isn’t much drier than when it comes out of the washing machine. We really needed an external switch we could use when the central heating isn’t on, like we have in our upstairs bathroom.

Apart from that, I think we planned our bathroom very well indeed. What do you think?

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We’ve chosen a really good quality toilet and sink, nice tiles and bright lighting. I especially love our walk-in shower. I wasn’t even sure how it would work when my husband suggested it, but it feels really luxurious and I would definitely recommend it. Every time I shower, I feel like I’m in a luxury hotel (until I pick my damp towel up, of course!).

The big mirror was an idea that worked well in our downstairs toilet and it’s worked just as well in our ensuite. It creates light and space and is another really luxurious touch.

New bathroom, The new ensuite bathroom, Ensuite, Mirror

Our bathroom is a relatively small space and it’s an unusual shape too. We had to think carefully about the layout. Initially, we wanted to change the position of the toilet, but when we looked at where the sink and shower needed to go, we decided it would be best to keep it exactly where the original one was. And we definitely made the right decision.

Now I just have to research how to retro-fit an external switch to my non-heated heated towel rail…

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Oh yep, that must be quite annoying! I hope you manage to sort something out. It does look good though!

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    • Thanks very much! It’s looks great, doesn’t it? It will be fine in winter, but I definitely need a solution for the rest of the year!

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