The birthday control freak

When it comes to her own birthday, my daughter leaves nothing to chance. She turns 12 this week and has planned very carefully to ensure she gets exactly what she wants.

My daughter has loved clothes since she was tiny and loves nothing more than a wander round the shops. And if she suddenly decides she needs a dress, a pair of jeans or a hoodie, she is straight onto her phone checking all her favourite shops to see what they’ve got.

My husband has recently redecorated and reorganised her bedroom, which means she now has space for a TV. So that’s her present from us sorted. As we don’t believe in spoiling kids, that is literally all she will get from us. Not an extra pair of socks or a bar of chocolate, she will just get her TV.

But she ‘needed’ things. And she wasn’t going to risk not getting them.

My daughter loves swimming and you can guarantee she will be in the open-air pool as soon as it opens next month, while I will be sitting on the edge in my coat. Because she loves swimming, she also loves swimsuits. And apparently one just isn’t enough. She spent a lot of time searching swimsuits and concluded that Monsoon was the best place to get pretty ones (they do kids’ clothes up to age 13). She decided on a blue swimsuit and a pink bikini.

Her old shoes are pretty knackered and, as they’re shoes, I would have been happy to replace them. But she wanted them for her birthday. After much searching on her phone, she decided on an Adidas pair and asked my mum to order them for her. As they were cheaper than she’d expected, my mum agreed to get one of her swimsuits too.

When she first got her ears pierced, my daughter took great pleasure in buying lots of cheap earrings and changing them frequently. But for nearly a year now she’s been wearing the same pair of silver earrings that my mum bought her for her 11th birthday. So she decided she’d like some more decent earrings. This time, her endless searching came up with Pandora.

Who could get the earrings? Who could get the other swimsuit?

My mother-in-law has been allocated the earrings, which just left the question of the swimsuit.

A few days before her birthday, she was torn about whether to buy a hoodie from a Jack Wills outlet. She really liked it, but could she afford it? (She’s very careful with her money, despite making extra from selling slime.) Apparently she couldn’t spend too much because she ‘needed’ to buy a dress to wear for her birthday, although she did have some New Look vouchers allocated for this.

Eventually she bought the hoodie, but she was still concerned.

‘How am I going to afford the other swimsuit?’

When I told her that it had already been arranged and that my sister was buying the other swimsuit she was overjoyed. She could breathe easy. Everything she wanted had been allocated and she’d still managed to afford her hoodie. My little control freak has got her own birthday organised.

It might seem unusual, but in contrast to two boys who never know what they want, it’s pretty refreshing.

And if you’re wondering where she gets this from, it’s definitely not me. My husband is a total birthday control freak. He likes to choose all of my presents (which I don’t mind, because he’s very good at it), but then orders all of his own presents too because he always knows exactly what he wants.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. She sounds very organised….My girls never know what they want for their birthdays so it is hard to shop for them.
    Happy birthday to your girl. I hope she has a wonderful day x

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    • Thanks very much! She is highly organised, but she has surpassed herself this year! She usually has a number of things she would like, but I’ve never known her nominate them to people in the same way. x

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  2. Oh that sounds really easy for you! It’s great that she knows what she wants and allocates presents to everyone, I bet your family love it. I hope everything goes to plan and all the required items materialise!

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    • Thanks very much, I hope so too! She’s always got quite a clear idea of what she wants, but I’ve never known her to actually allocate the presents to people before. x

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  3. Wow she really is so organised and so good she can allocate presents to different people. She’d make an excellent project manager at our company:)

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    • Thanks very much. Ha ha, you’re right, I think she’d make an excellent project manager!

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