Getting my daughter’s ears pierced

When my daughter was younger and asked when she could get her ears pierced, I would just say a vague ’10 or 11!’ because 10 or 11 was years away. But, actually, it wasn’t years away. It crept up on me and suddenly she was ’10 or 11′. And it was time to make good on my promise.

Except I wasn’t sure I wanted to. Suddenly those little lobes looked too tiny and perfect to be mutilated with piercings (as a woman with three earrings in each ear and a pierced nose, I was clearly being a total hypocrite).

My mum too had remembered my promise and had bought my daughter a very pretty pair of earrings as a ‘well done’ present after the panto. Which didn’t really help my case for her waiting a few years longer. And all of her friends started having them done. It was time to face facts, she was plenty old enough to have her ears pierced if that was what she wanted.

The summer holidays between years 5 and 6 seemed like the perfect time to get them done. It meant she could have her six week healing time free of PE lessons. Coincidentally, it was the exact time I’d got mine done 32 years ago. My daughter decided she wanted them done on the very first day of the holidays, which was a nice thing for her to look forward to and also seemed very sensible as it gave her maximum healing time.

A couple of her  friends had had them done at a jeweller in town and had had no problems with them, so that seemed a good place to go. My daughter researched prices and said they were £10. Which rather surprised me. I had expected more. She was paying herself as we believe in kids saving their own money and learning the value of things and how to prioritise what they want. She only gets £3 pocket money a week, but is remarkably good at managing her money.

I rang the jeweller to make an appointment and confirm the situation with the pricing. It wasn’t as straightforward as my daughter had thought. There was only one pair for £10 and the others went right up to £35. I suspected the earrings her friends had, that my daughter really liked, were closer to the £35 than the £10. So I didn’t want to make an appointment until she’d actually seen the earrings. There was no way she would pay £35 (and I didn’t want her to), but I didn’t want her to feel disappointed by the cheaper choices.

On the day school finished, we headed to the jeweller to see the choices – and my daughter’s best friend was actually in there having her ears pierced! There was only one pair for £10 – the plainest, most boring gold ones. The flower ones her friends had got were £35 – and her best friend was getting those too, as a birthday present. A lot of the earrings were £26, but there was a perfectly nice pair of crystal titanium earrings for £14. So, after much umming and aaahing, she chose those. Not that she was sure she actually wanted her ears pierced at all, because her friend had told her it hurt! She thought she might go back the following day, but eventually decided she might as well get it done there and then.

I read the terms and conditions and signed them. The lady wore surgical gloves to pierce my daughter’s ears. She sanitised the ears with a wipe and marked them with a pen, checking carefully that they were level and an equal distance from her face. I double-checked the position too, although it’s hard to imagine what they would look like with actual earrings.

Ear piercing, Daughter, Earrings

Piercing hasn’t changed a lot since I last had my ears pierced about 20 years ago. The earrings still come from little sterilised packs and the ears are pierced with something rather like a stapler. The lady asked my daughter if she was ready, she held my hand and the job was done! It didn’t hurt as much as she’d imagined it would and she was happy to go straight onto her second ear. That one hurt a little bit more, but she was still fine with it.

The ears looked red and hot for a while afterwards, but they didn’t hurt for long. The earrings look very pretty, and no less pretty than earrings costing more than twice as much. I wasn’t sure if they were a bit too far from her face, but it was so hard to judge from the pen dots.

We’re now into cleaning twice a day for six weeks and regular turning. The lady who pierced them was concerned that my daughter’s very long hair shouldn’t get trapped in them, as that would increase the risk of infection.

My fears that my daughter was too young or that they wouldn’t look nice were unfounded. Now we just have to keep them infection-free!

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I remember having the same sort of stance with my eldest daughter, putting her off until she was 10 or 11 as like you, I thought it was practically a hundred years away! Ha! In the end, she actually got sick of nattering me and went off the idea before she was that age. I think she was about 14 in the end when she had them done but like you, I would have been happy for her to have them done before that age. For me it was about being old enough to clean and look after her ears properly afterwards plus be sensible enough not to get them caught in her hair etc. I bet she can’t wait to go back to school and show them off!

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    • Sounds like you had a very sensible stance with your own daughter. My eldest son has been telling me for a year or two he’s going to get his ear pierced and I’ve just said ‘fine’ and he hasnt. I think he wants me to say no, but if he wants it done at 15, that’s find by me! ‘t
      I’ve been pleased with how well she has looked after them herself. I bathed them for her for the first two days and she’s done it herself ever since and we’ve only had one day when one of them has bothered her a bit. She’s really looking forward to changing them now, which I’m sure will be slightly stressful!

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  2. Aww! What a big moment! The earrings look very pretty! Good luck with keeping them clean and infection free. It sounds like your girl is sensible enough to do that.
    My girls have never really asked for their ears pierced. When they have I said when they’re 14. I hope my eldest doesn’t remember that as she’s 14 next month. lol

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    • Ha ha, it’s amazing how the time flies! She’s done so well with looking after them and keeping them clean, I haven’t had to get involved at all!

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  3. It seems like such a momentous time having your ears pierced, I remember having mine done many many many years ago! The first time I took them out I fainted, lol. My eldest daughter had hers done at around 12 years but she had lots of problems and doesn’t wear ear-rings now. My younger two have not mentioned it, but I’m sure they will when they get to secondary school and realise that everyone has had it done. I love your daughter’s blouse, how pretty.

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    • It’s definitely a bit of a milestone! It’s great that your younger daughters haven’t mentioned it yet, it’s good to put it off as long as you can! Fainting the first time you take them out doesn’t sound good!
      Thanks, everyone loves my daughter’s blouse!

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  4. Sounds like she’s being very sensible about it and has thought it through. I’ve never had mine pierced. When I was interested my parents wouldn’t let me and I never got round to it later.

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    • Wow, am amazed that you never had them done! Although my sister didn’t get them done until her late 20s. She’s been very good about looking after them and we’re more than halfway to the magical six weeks now!

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  5. Oh I remember getting my ears pierced. Like your daughter I got mine done on the first day of the summer holidays one year. When I first read it would cost £10 I must admit I was surprised; fairly sure that’s what mine cost my mum 25 years ago! I think your daughter sounds like a very sensible girl so I’m sure she won’t have any issues.

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    • I think £10 is about what my mum paid over 30 years ago too! She’s been very good at looking after them so far, so hopefully they won’t give her any problems.

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  6. Eek, what a big moment, to me that signifies being quite grown up! Actually I still don’t have my ears pierced, I had my belly button done but never my ears and I wouldn’t bother now, I’m past caring!

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    • It definitely feels like being pretty grown up! There’s a part of me that forgets just how old she’s getting, just because she’s my youngest. I’m amazed at how many people don’t have their ears pierced! I had my belly button done too, but it wouldn’t go back in after I’d had my daughter. It kept falling out, so I had to get rid of it! x

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  7. I remember going to our local shopping centre and getting mine done too, it’s almost like a rite of passage isn’t it. My daughter hasn’t mentioned about getting hers done yet, despite some of her friends having them done. Though I am sure that could all change and she could soon be asking me everyday x

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  8. Ahhh it’s such a huge thing. My mum did mine when I was about 5!! It’s a very Indian thing and I don’t remember it but I love having them pierced. It all seems to have changed now as my sister in law and brother won’t let my niece ever have hers done. She’s now 7. I reckon she’ll either forget or just have them done in her teens!

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