Giving up street dance

Street dance was my daughter’s very first style of dance. She went to her first street dance class the day she started school. And she never looked back.

It was at her street dance class that she got her love of dance. And it was at her street dance class that she first shone as a dancer. Right from the word go, she stood out as being someone quite special.

Giving up street dance, Street dance, Daughter

She kept up her street dance when she started ballet 18 months later, and tap and jazz another year after that. She took up contemporary dance for a few years too.

But slowly the ballet took over. One class a week became three classes a week. The contemporary dance had to go.

She had exams every autumn – in either ballet, tap, modern or jazz – which warranted extra lessons. The extra lessons always clashed with her street class. Then there was panto, which wipes out half of November and the whole of December every year (and we wouldn’t have it any other way!).

There was her new school, with a lot more homework. Something had to give.

She still enjoyed street dance, but it was getting pushed to the bottom of her list of priorities.

One day, with the latest exam all finished and the panto rehearsals not yet started, she said: “I don’t want to go to dancing today.”

I don’t encourage quitters. In our family, if we commit, we commit 100%. To ballet. To panto. To football. To rugby. But I wasn’t going to force her to go. She’d only been for a few half lessons all term and she would be straight into panto rehearsals the following week. I wasn’t going to force her to go, there didn’t seem much point. The other kids were working towards a show. A show she wouldn’t be in, because she was doing panto instead.

“Why don’t you just give up?” said one of the boys.

And just like that, she said it. “I think I will.”

It was a moment of clarity for her. She just had too much on her plate. Too many commitments, not enough free time.

It won’t necessarily be forever, but right now giving up street dance feels like the right thing to do. Her heart lies in her ballet and she needs some time do her homework and maybe just some time to sit watching the TV and relaxing.

Street dance gave her a lot. It gave her a love of dance and her very first dance skills, but the time feels right to move on.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. It sounds like she has made the right choice. It’s a busy time of year for her.
    My youngest started street dance a few weeks ago and she is loving it. x

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    • It was definitely the right choice for her at the moment. Glad your daughter is enjoying street dance. It is great fun! x

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  2. What an incredibly grown up decision for her to make. It sounds like Street Dance has opened all sorts of doors for her but if it has run its course, it’s definitely best to walk away. I hope she enjoys the extra bit of time to relax!

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    • Thanks very much. It was a great start to her dance ‘career’, but it definitely makes sense for her to take a break from it now. Hopefully she’ll have time to relax in the new year. Panto time is definitely not relaxing! x

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  3. That was such a mature decision for her to come to all by herself. But she has so many other commitments and things to look forward to, it sounds like the right thing to do. Xx

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    • Thanks very much. It definitely was the right thing for her to do. I would never have forced her into making the decision, she needed to decide for herself. And if she changes her mind, she can always go back! x

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  4. When you’ve done something for so long it can be easy to keep doing it “just because”. But as you say, she’s older now with a lot more commitments. It sounds like a very sensible idea.

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    • I think she’d been doing it ‘just because’ for a year or more now. I had asked her to think about whether she still wanted to do it a couple of times, but would never have forced her to give up. I’m glad she’s made the decision now. I’m sure it’s best for her at the moment.

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