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Regular readers will know I don’t like to hear the ‘C’ word uttered in September. Or October. To be honest, I’d rather not hear it uttered before 15th December (just call me Scrooge), but I’m not stupid! I’m a mum of three, with a niece and nephews, and that equals quite a lot of Christmas presents (before I even think about the adults in the family). So even though I don’t want to talk about Christmas or have decorations shoved in my face just yet, I’m realistic. I do have to start thinking about Christmas shopping sometime between the end of October and the middle of November.

Little kids (the niece and nephews) are very easy to buy for. You can buy lovely stuff for little kids pretty much anywhere and it’s a real pleasure to choose. Teenagers? Not so much.

As well as my own two teenage boys, plus my 11 year old daughter, we’ve got a teenage nephew and another teenage boy in the family to buy for. And do you know how difficult teenage boys are to boy for? Really flipping difficult!

It’s not so long ago that my 14 year old son had no idea what he wanted for his birthday. And now I have to buy him (and all of those other teenage boys) Christmas presents! Grrr!

I’ll be honest, I’m not great at Christmas shopping. I tend to rely on shops. Like people did in the 90s. Superdry, Next, Marks & Spencer. If I don’t go into the shop, I look at their websites. I’d totally missed the fact there are websites that bring lots of different brands together – and at very good prices too! Love the Sales is totally new to me. I couldn’t believe how many brands it has, including Superdry!

Superdry, Love the Sales, Christmas shopping, Teenagers, Teenage boys

Yes, Superdry is my very favourite brand. And a favourite brand of my entire family, apart from my younger son who recently announced he didn’t like it any more.

There’s between 10 and 70% off everything on the site. Even 20% off suddenly makes Superdry seem a whole lot more affordable, so I have the option of buying something for less or buying something for the price I was willing to pay, but getting more for my money. Either way, it’s a win-win.

There’s plenty of hoodies, Tshirts and coats in the men’s section that would be perfect for the boys. I did also take a quick glance at the ladies’ section, just in case I felt like buying something for myself.

Christmas shopping, Love the Sales, Superdry

And for my troublesome younger son? I took at look at the Converse section, which has lots of nice Tshirts and hoodies which most definitely aren’t Superdry! And my daughter would love these jogging bottoms for dance.

Love the Sales, Converse, Hoodie, Christmas shopping

Converse, Jogging bottoms, Love the Sales, Christmas shopping

At this rate, I might get my Christmas shopping done before the middle of November. I’m scaring myself now.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Love the Sales is a great site, I love the fact that there is so many brands in one place, it is a great place to shop for the older boys.

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    • It really is! I’d never looked at it before, but it’s perfect for them.

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