Looking after the family cars

Our family has two oldish cars, which we rely on pretty heavily. My husband’s car is a six year old VW Touran, which is our car for holidays, luggage and long journeys. It is very comfortable for passengers, but I’m not so keen on driving it.

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To look at it, my 10 year old Mini couldn’t really be classed as a ‘family car’ because you can’t fit a whole family in, let alone a family with luggage! But, actually, it’s every bit as much a family car as the Touran, because it’s the mum taxi. It’s the car that takes my son to school and my daughter to her endless dance lessons. It’s there for Explorers, camps, rugby matches and football matches. We would be lost without it.

In fact, we were lost without it recently.

Being 10 years old and with a lot of miles on the clock, I guess it was inevitable that something would go wrong at some point. It broke down earlier this year, but luckily was fixed pretty quickly and pretty cheaply.

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But a few weeks ago, the clutch went. I just couldn’t understand why I couldn’t get it into gear. The AA towed me home and I was left with a broken car. As it was such an expensive repair job, we got a friendly mechanic to do it in his spare time to save money. But his spare time meant I had to wait over two weeks to get it fixed.

Two weeks without the mum taxi is like two years of normal time. Luckily, my husband let me use his car a lot of the time, but this of course meant me giving him lifts to work before taking my son to school and picking him up from work, sometimes late at night. I was in trouble for having the car at ballet when he needed to be at his own football. And I’m really not keen on driving or parking his car.

Here’s hoping my own car can run smoothly for a while now, as I don’t want to be going through that again in a hurry!

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